Shayne Faces His Worst Fear is a Smosh Pit video released on October 10, 2019. In the video, a blindfolded Shayne and Olivia are taken by Ian and Damien to a secret location, where Shayne is made to confront his pediophobia.


We made Shayne come face to face his worst fear— Pediophobia: the fear of dolls.

Would you survive three minutes in this room?


A blindfolded Shayne and Olivia are driven by Ian and Damien to a secret location. While driving, Shayne explains his history with pediophobia stemmed from childhood fears propagated by media such as the Goosebumps episode Night of the Living Dummy and Child's Play. As Shayne is led through a dark hallway to the doll room, Olivia is allowed to remove her blindfold as the episode is not about her. It is explained to Shayne that he must stay in a room filled with dolls and a mannequin (and, unknown to him, a professional mime) for at least 3 minutes.

Once Ian, Damien, and Olivia leave to watch Shayne from afar, the room is darkened and Shayne is allowed to remove his blindfold. The timer starts once he sits in a nearby chair. Once he removes his blindfold, Shayne is immediately freaked out but promises to power through.

The ambient noise includes occasional child laughter and whispers, neither of which Shayne is amused by. Once the 1:10 mark passes, the mime dressed like a mannequin cocks his head, which Shayne notices and threatens to punch him if he tries anything. As the last minute counts down, Shayne stands up in an aggressive stance as he wildly turns his head between the mime and the mannequin, claiming that his greatest fear is actually Matt Raub "talking sh*t" to him for months, which will be prompted by any failure to stay in the room. When the timer reaches two seconds, the mime suddenly rushes at Shayne, stopping short of contact.

"Come on, you wanna g— Oh, okay, yeah, we're gonna go! We're gonna go! Ahh, I'm not a fighter!"
— Shayne

At this point, the timer has run out and his friends enter to congratulate him. After, Shayne explains what was going through his head during the experience, including how he initially thought the room would include only a few dolls and the unexpected addition of the background sound effects. After, Shayne believes that his fear has been conquered to an extent

Now that Shayne's experience is through, next is Olivia, who is dreading it and, after seeing Shayne's behavior during the three minutes, doubts her ability to make it.


"Well, that sure was definitely not fun. Hey, click over here to watch us do a Try Not To Laugh with the one and only Macaulay Culkin and click over here for a video playlist made just for you."
— Shayne


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