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Sharon Hecox, (alternative names Hilda Hecox, Cheryl Hecox, Gretchen Hecox, Mrs. Hecox) best known as Ian's Mom, is one of the supporting protagonists and, occasionally, a minor antagonist in the Smosh franchise. She is Ian's mother.


Sharon has blonde-gray hair, wears rounded glasses, and is considerably shorter than Ian and Anthony. When she was younger however, she had red hair.


Sharon is caring towards her son Ian and loves him a whole bunch. However, despite this, she is also extremely strict against him whenever Ian does something he isn't supposed to do, as seen in "HELP! WE'RE FAT!" when she punches Ian for eating too much; in "Halo Ruined My Life" when she forbids Ian from playing Halo 2 for the rest of the day when she finds out that Ian snuck out of school; and in "XTREME SLEEPOVER!" when she tries to make sure that Ian and Anthony are asleep after 11:00 PM. Mrs. Hecox is sometimes oblivious, as shown in "Food Battle 2010," where she still acts caring to Ian, despite the fact that he just tried to kill her. She's shown to be slightly frustrated that Ian hasn't moved out of her house yet, evidenced in a deleted introduction to the episode "Ian Gets Lucky." She also occasionally plays pranks on Ian, such as in "Anthony's Death" or "EVIL FORTUNE COOKIE!", though Ian often takes these jokes too seriously (in the case of the former) or unintentionally ruins it (in the case of the latter), which further frustrates her. Mrs. Hecox appears to play some Pokémon games, as seen in "THE POKEMON MASTER!". She, disguised as a male boss, went through an elaborate scheme to capture Anthony after he caught all 151 Pokemon. In that same episode, she thought that YouTube was a place for skateboarding dog videos.

Sharon rarely uses offensive language. In XTREME SLEEPOVER!, she calls Ian a "pussy". In Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child, she says "f**k my life". In MOVIES VS REALITY, she says that Anthony and Ian's video "f**king sucked".

Mrs. Hecox seems to prefer Anthony over her own son. This is evidenced in the episode "THE POKEMON MASTER!", when Ian finds it weird that she never gives him any Christmas presents and asks Ian to ask what Anthony wants for Christmas. She also shows no concern that she shot her own son and convinces Anthony to go snailing with her.


Young Sharon in "THAT'S HOT!"

Sharon gave birth to Ian on November 30, 1987, but it is currently unknown what happened in her life between that and the events of Smosh. However, her real name doesn't appear in the Smosh videos. Anthony and everybody else call her "Ian's Mom;" even Ian himself doesn't know her real name and thinks that it is Mom. Her first name has never been mentioned before, but it is Sharon in real life.

In "Left Handed," Sharon was shot by a mugger who was mugging Ian.

In "Hardcore Max 2," she appears as Hardcore Max's mother, though it is unknown if Hardcore Max is an actual son of Mrs. Hecox.

In "Evil Fortune Cookie!", she tried to make money by creating a website called, but the plot failed after Anthony refused to marry Ian, saying Ian needed help and left. This was followed by Ian crying, "FINE! I WOULD'VE JUST DIVORCED YOU ANYWAY!"

She has been shown to have two friends, one of which is crazy. When she saw Ian as an old man, she believed he "moo-lested" (molested) her son, then chased him into the bar while having the time to call in two friends to kick old Ian's butt.

In "Killer Teddy Bear," when Ian enters the house, a girl named "Ashley" calls Ian on the phone. Anthony asks him if it is really his mother. In response, Ian denies this, but he is obviously lying.

Sharon also seems to have a relationship with Anthony, as shown in where she was sleeping with him in bed, and in SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!, where Anthony's door has a sign that says, "ANTHONY'S ROOM. IAN'S MOM ALLOWED."

In "REAL DEATH NOTE!", Ian tried to kill her by writing her name on the Death Note. But he didn't know his mom's actual name for all many years he's been living with her and only wrote the word "MOM" on the Death Note in big capital letters. Ian's mom said that she will never let Ian know what her real name is.


Sharon appears in these videos:


  • Anthony actually mentions Sharon more than Ian does.
  • Anthony, as well as a few other characters, often view Sharon as a very attractive love interest.
  • Kristen O'Meara played her in Smosh: The Movie.
  • In the description for Your Dumb. I'm Dumber, it is revealed her real name is Sharon.
  • Ian revealed in a tweet that the reason she was replaced in Smosh: The Movie was because they filmed it in Los Angeles and that they wanted the acting to be "better."


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