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Sergeant Anous
Mother, daughter, wife (deceased), female Sergeant Anous (possibly other wife)
List of likes:
  • Tazing
  • Shooting
  • Grammar Police
  • his daughter
  • Officers of the Law
  • Ian (sometimes)
  • Ice Cream
  • Thinking of ASSDICK
  • Perfectly good Gummy Snakes
List of hates:
  • Bad Grammar
  • Timmy Blumpkin
  • cheat sheets
  • cheat sheet dealers
  • African-Americans
  • Anthony
  • Jay Walking
  • Criminals
  • Perverts
  • Ian (usually)
  • Crime
Officers of the Law, his daughter, Grammar Police, The fireman, Anthony Padilla (sometimes), Ian Hecox (sometimes)
Anthony Padilla, Mr. Mime, Timmy Blumpkin, Criminals, Ian Hecox (usually)
—Sergeant Anous on multiple occasions

Sergeant Anous is a police officer and a recurring character in the Smosh series. He was first introduced in "Grammar Police," and is the main antagonist of the How To series. He is hypocritical, short-tempered, egotistical, and misanthropic, all of which make him a very bad example of a police officer. He is addicted to shooting and arresting people or annoying objects.

Sgt. Anous is portrayed by Ian Hecox.


In 2009's "Grammar Police," Anous wore a regular police uniform with sunglasses and a mustache that represented one stereotypical of a pedophile. In his recent appearances, he has his police uniform, but doesn't wear sunglasses and has a thicker and lighter fake mustache. He has a handgun that can transform into an AK-47. He is a member of both the Grammar Police and the regular police force. He also seems to have a tendency to use his gun more often than he should, which is shown through his constant shootings of characters throughout the How To series, and even having an entire segment on shooting things to solve your problems in "HOW TO BE A COP!"


Sergeant Anous is a police officer who first served in the normal police rising to the rank of sergeant, but joined the Grammar Police because he thought he could teach kids more about the English language. He had been in the Grammar Police for ten years. He is also part of every police system in the world. Sergeant Anous is now a dedicated police officer. He always seems to show up at exactly the right time to stop someone from doing something he doesn't like. He solves all his problems by shooting things. Though most of time he shoots things in situtations where things probably shouldn't be shot. Strangely, he sometimes says "Bulls**t" to "criminals" that objects his logic and proceeds to shoot them multiple times, killing them.


Grammar Police

Sergeant Anous is in a police car, explaining that he is a member of the Grammar Police and describes the Grammar Police's purpose. Anous receives a call about a boy named Timmy's improper grammar use, and drives to Timmy's house. Upon arriving at Timmy's, Anous introduces himself, but Timmy tells the officer to "screw off." Anous pins Timmy against a wall and warns him of the consequences of his actions. Timmy pays no attention and continues to resist, so Anous tases him. After calling Timmy a "punk-ass kid," Timmy's mom is heard searching for Timmy. Anous makes a run for his car before Timmy's mom finds him. On another case, Anous is on his way through Cockerville, California to deal with a "cheat sheet dealer" (someone who is dealing cheat sheets for a grammar exam). Midway through his conversation with the cameraman, he suddenly hears his favorite song on the radio, the "Predicate Rap," and turns it up. The song abruptly ends as the video jumps forward to Anous' arrival at the school, where the principal tells Anous the details (and humorously mispronounces his name). Anous sees the cheat sheet dealer not too far away in a field and runs to catch him. The dealer (Anthony, whose pants are falling down, and we can see his SpongeBob underpants) and an unidentified student see him coming and try to run away, but Anous manages to catch the dealer. Anous lectures the dealer about the potential effects of his cheat sheet dealing. Anous then tries to tase the dealer, but the taser fails, and the dealer runs away while Anous yells angrily at his broken weapon. Anous chases him down with his "backup" (a Nerf gun), and shoots him multiple times, causing the dealer to fall over in pain. Anous makes fun of the dealer, saying that the Nerf gun doesn't hurt that much, and shoots himself as an example. However, after shooting himself, he drops the gun and screams in pain.

If Video Games Were Real (Deleted Scene)

In a deleted scene of GTA a ganster (Anthony) is running away from the police. He tries to break the window on his door with his elbow but he just injures himself.

Boxman 2.0

Boxman joined some gangsters but Sgt. Anous breaks in and stopped them. However, he does not have a mustache.

How to Hide a Boner in Public!

Anthony shows his boner to his girlfriend. In the second possibility (besides the girl asking Anthony if he wants to make out), the girl mistakes him for a molester. Sgt. Anous shows up, and thinking that Anthony's erected penis is a gun, he tells him to drop it. Anthony tries to explain that it's not a gun, but Anous doesn't believe him. He screams, "BULLS**T!" and shoots Anthony multiple times. He then walks over to Anthony, turns his gun into an AK-47, and repeatedly shoots his corpse. After confirming that Anthony is dead, he rips off his penis and wonders what type of gun it could be, and suggests that it could be a shotgun. He then attempts to "cock" the penis and shoot at the girl, who disgustedly replies, "Ew." ("SHOTGUN PENIS'D!")

How to Dump Your Girlfriend

Anthony is breaking up with his girlfriend, who says that breaking up is a bad idea because her father, Sergeant Anous, is a cop. Sergeant Anous jumps out of the closet and points his gun at Anthony. He explains that Anthony is a great guy, has a stable job, and that he shouldn't break up with his daughter. When Anthony says he doesn't love her anymore, he angrily says, "BULLS**T!" and shoots Anthony with his gun, then with his fingers. ("FINGER BANG'D!")

How to Cover Up a Murder

When Anthony frames the murder on an African-American, Anous pops out with his gun pointed at him. The African-American then screams like a girl.

Later, when Anthony decides to turn himself in for killing Ian, Anous jumps out of a pile of clothes and explains that killing is never the answer, and it's kids like him that make the world a terrible place. He says to face up to the consequences of his poor decision. When Anthony finally admits he killed Ian, Anous screams, "BULLS**T!" and shoots his gun, but rather than firing at Anthony, Anous fires at the African-American from earlier. When the black guy falls dead, Anous assures Anthony that he's safe now that the killer is off the streets. ("RACIST DOUCHEBAG!!")

Worst Twist Endings Ever!

A couple of drug dealers are playing in the drugs they plan to sell, when Sgt. Anous comes in and tells them to "Stop right there!" One of the dealers asks how he found them, in which Anous responds, "I had a man on the inside." At first, the dealer who asked Sgt. Anous how he found them accuses Tony, the other drug dealer, but Anous says that it was Frank, Tony's mustache. Tony rips it off and asks, "How could you do this to me, Frank?" Frank responds, "I made a promise to keep trash like you off the streets, no matter the cost." Tony says that Frank is his only friend, in which the other drug dealer asks, "What about me?"


Anous is part of the bottled water police and he shoots a man for not drinking bottled water.

If Holidays Were Real

In the April Fools' Day segment of the Deleted Scenes, Anthony has just murdered Ian when Sgt. Anous comes in and points his gun at him, saying, "Stop right there, killer!" However, Anthony looks at the calendar and sees that it is April 1, 2012, April Fools' Day. He says, "April fools!" At this, Sgt. Anous just laughs and lets Anthony off the hook. As he leaves, he laughs at himself for falling for the joke.

How to Be a Cop!


Anous is the main character/protagonist of the video, teaching viewers about the essentials of being a cop. He shows how cops handle parking enforcement (by shooting violators), solve problems (by shooting things), enforce speed limits, stay hydrated (by drinking water), have fun on the job (by pranking other departments), and handle jaywalkers (by shooting them). After shooting Anthony in the "Law Enforcement" segment, he is run over by a van. ("IRONY'D!...BITCH")

In a deleted scene, he shows how cops defend themselves (by hurting a criminal's testicles and shooting him in the head).

Mime Fail!

Mr. Mime is teaching his son, Billy, about the birds and the bees. He sticks his finger through a hole made by his hand to represent intercourse, but Billy doesn't get it. The mime then does pelvic thrusts, and Anous comes in and says, "Stop right there, pervert!" ("MIME FAIL!")

Stupid Movie Sequels

Jacob Black is getting married to Bella's baby but Anous kills him for being a pedophile.

If Video Games Were Real 2

Sgt. Anous is arresting two poachers for illegally hunting ducks without a license and shooting at a dog for laughing at their failure. A dog sneaks up from a bush and starts laughing at Anous, then Anous turns his attention to his dog and shoots it.

How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend!

When Anthony attempts to admit his cheating to his girlfriend, she reveals that she has been cheating on him with Anous (interestingly enough, this girl was Anous's daughter in "How to Dump Your Girlfriend"). At this point, Anous emerges and confirms her cheating. Before Anthony can say anything, his girlfriend apologizes for cheating, claiming to have learned to communicate her issues better instead of focusing on cheating. As she finishes, a bored Anous screams, "BULLS**T!" and starts shooting Anthony with his hands, and then with his feet.

After Anthony's death, Anous proclaims that the girlfriend can date him forever. To Anous' horror, his girlfriend pops up from behind a plant and accuses him of cheating on her. He tries to explain, but his girlfriend screams, "BULLS**T!" and fires at him with her gun, and then with her mustache. ("STACHETASTIC!")

In the video's Alternate Ending, Anous actually shoots the girl instead. After she dies, he immediately flirts with Anthony. ("HE'S BATTING FOR BOTH TEAMS!")

Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!

In Smosh's two-billion video views special, Anous appears after Ian leaves the bathroom with Mari, Sohinki, Jovenshire and Lasercorn having a Pokemon tournament. Anous yells out "Stop right there, virgins!" and states that the maximum shower capacity is "two grown men", and Sohinki, Jovenshire, and Lasercorn are all in the shower, exceeding the shower capacity. He then yells, "BULLS**T!" and shoots the three to death. Anous then admits that he is also a virgin.

That Damn Movie!

Sergeant Anous makes a cameo appearance in That Damn Movie!. As the crowd stands up and cheers for Ian's short, Anous is seen crying and eating popcorn and graham crackers.

Stop Copying Me!

Anous appears after Anthony knocks out Ian caused by them copying each others sentences and actions, thinking that he murdered him. But when he drops his gun, he and Anthony also begin to talk at the same time, just like Ian and Anthony did.

How to Survive a Burglary

Sgt. Anous teaches us how to survive a common burglary. He introduced Anthony as the victim in common burglar scenarios, he will then teaches various ways or steps to avoid being robbed. Oddly, he can't tell Anthony apart from the burglar without their masks, even though Anthony explains that they look nothing alike. Believing "all you white people look the same" Anous screams "BULLS**T!", shoots Anthony and eventually dies to the burglar's plastic baseball bat. He uploads a picture to Instagram while dying and only got 2 likes. Both were from his mom. (#CRAYOLO!)

Food Battle 2013

Anous shoots Anthony thinking he wasted a perfectly good gummy snake as he approaches to eat it.

The Real Party Song

Anous is one of the cops that bust down the party.

My Bathroom Disaster

Anous is at the urinal while Anthony is peeing before Anthony dates identical twin saying that he cheated on him before taking out his baton when Anthony's date came in causing Anthony pulls out his gun and threaten them before shooting him and being supposedly dead.

Just Like Link

Anous pulls Tingle over for speeding to get to the hospital for his stab wound. Anous says he does not care and Tingle pulls out his Master Sword, thinking he can get out of the ticket to be "just like Link". Instead Anous shoots him multiple times when he sees the sword.

If Guys Had Girl Problems

Anous stops Anthony while he was driving and says that he caught him speeding, running a red light and kicking a nun in the ballsack. Anthony says that they can work something out and exposes his man breasts. Anous, seemingly having an orgasm, lets Anthony go.

If Board Games Were Real

Anous arrives near the end of the video to force Anthony out of his car and demand him to "put your hands in the air and wave them around like you don't care that you're going to prison for 10 to 15 years" for indecent exposure. Anthony tells Anous that no one would have seen his penis if [Anous] hadn't pulled him out. Anous agrees briefly, before screaming, "Bulls**t!" and prepares to shoot Anthony, but sees a Get Out of Jail Free Card attached to Anthony's butt, and lets Anthony go. However, as Anthony leaves, Anous shouts "Stop right there!" and shoots Anthony for leaving the scene of the crime. Despite this, he wishes him a good day. (Justice Served!)

How to Get a Girlfriend

As Anthony attempts to kiss the girl he "kidnapped" to confess his love, the girl reveals "herself" to be Anous in disguise and arrests him for being bad at asking girls out. A shocked Anthony asks Anous about the times they shared together and pleads for Anous to continue their relationship. However, Anous screams, "BULLS**T!" and guns Anthony down, firing bullets from his armpits and anus before proceeding to bite on the buttocks of Anthony's corpse. (Took a Bite Out of Crime!)

Montage Machine

He makes a cameo as the cop who arrested Anthony after he turned into a criminal.

Food Battle X

He appears out of nowhere after Anthony tells his Chocolate Coated Banana to be a baby. He then takes the banana and drops it, thus stepping on it and running away.

Kiss Currency

Anthony, portraying a robber, is stopped in his tracks after he steals a kiss. He bumps into Sgt. Anous' arm and falls to the ground dazed. When Sgt. Anous claims that he is under arrest for stealing a kiss, Anthony retorts and calls him a "f***ing pig!". Anous gives him a chance and demands that he returns the kiss. When Anous still is not satisfied by that single kiss, he convinces Anthony to forfeit the rest of the kisses.

Smosh Live

Anous is interviewed saying the chief took him off the beat, made him work at a desk now and undergo therapy also taking away his gun because he was "killing too many people". They gave him a banana instead, which he dislikes at first but later comments that he enjoys getting free bananas.


Anous is shown in the first scene shooting Anthony whenever Anthony tells Boxman that he is a ghost. But that did not affect Anthony when he yelled "Bitch!"


Anous appears in the last scene, busting the kids for underaged partying. But the kids do not care about it and the girl told Anous that no one wants an outdated reference, and he replied, " Well, I guess times have changed!"


Anous appears, arresting Jaime Lannister for incest. When it is revealed that Jon Snow accused Lannister, Anous mocks him for being unaware that he has been sleeping with his Aunt and claims that this was going to be a good season.


  • His name is likely a reference on the word "Anus," which his name was even mispronounced as in Grammar Police. His name is pronounced "ā noos"
  • Before he kills someone, he almost always yells the word "BULLS**T!" as his catch-phrase.
  • As a running gag, Anous has a habit of shooting Anthony in the How-to series. However, his shootings are not exclusive to the series. One example being the shooting in Food Battle 2013.
  • His mustache has changed color over the years, from black to brown to brownish-ginger.
  • It is unknown if he and fellow Grammar Police Sergeant Faraday know each other.
  • In HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!, he is the dad of Anthony's girlfriend, but in HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND!, he is Anthony's girlfriend's boyfriend. The only explanation as to how this can be possible seems to be that the girl plays a different person in each video. Also, in the second video, he had a girlfriend that looked exactly like him.
  • In the "How-To" Series, Anous is depicted with the strange ability of firing bullets from his body. He has been seen firing bullets from his nipples, eyes, fingers, and other assorted body parts.
    • In How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend!, his girlfriend can remove her mustache from her face and shoot bullets from it as well. It is unknown whether or not Anous himself has this ability.
  • Every time Sgt. Anous makes an entrance, a siren sound effect plays in the background.
  • It is revealed in the How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend! extras that Sgt. Anous could possibly be "batting for both teams."
  • In the "How-To" Series, the patch on the right sleeve of his uniform is reversed.
  • In "Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!" video special, it is revealed that Sgt. Anous is a virgin.
  • A Sgt. Anous Animated Series was set to be created and Anous was going to be voiced by Matthew Rhys. Though the series was never created for unknown reasons.
  • "HOW TO BE A COP!" was the first "How-To" video that was not hosted by Anthony, but he was still killed by Anous at the end.
  • In "HOW TO BE A COP!" it is revealed that his wife passed away, but he's okay with it.
  • Anous is part of the normal police but in "Grammar Police" he is also part of the "Grammer police" And in "AMAZING NEW DRINK!" he is also part of the "Bottled Water Police".
  • He seems to be a homosexual after his wife passed away, as in My Bathroom Disaster he tapped Anthony's foot and got interested when he looked at his junk and later when Anthony's date's twin brother came in he said that he cheated on him. In addition, in "HOW TO BE A COP!", Anous expresses interest in a widowed firefighter (portrayed by Anthony).
  • His main line in all episodes he appears on is "STOP RIGHT THERE!" whenever he makes an entrance.
  • Anous also seems to have the ability to imitate the voice of a girl, as revealed in "HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND". However, it is possible that Anous was using a voice modulator.


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