"Yeah, they're pretty intense, but not everybody can handle them."
—An amused Sean to Gordon Ramsay on Hat Ones[src]

Sean Evans is a character based on the webshow host of the same name. He was introduced in 2019 and played by Damien Haas.


Sean Evans (born April 26, 1986) is an American web show producer, interviewer, and host. He is the host of the YouTube series Hot Ones, in which he interviews celebrities while they eat progressively spicier chicken wings. Sean himself is also known for his spice tolerance from eating spicy food as a child; he has eaten the incredibly spicy food like the Carolina Reaper pepper, the current hottest pepper in the world.


In the video, Hot Ones is changed to Hat Ones. The format of the episode is the same, but spicy chicken wings and hot sauce are replaced by silly hats. Sean is interviewing Gordon Ramsay and tries to talk with the chef about his career, but Gordon gets increasingly distracted by the silliness of each new hat. Eventually, it becomes too much for Gordon to bear while an amused Sean watches.


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