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Samuel Bryce "Sam" Lerner (born September 27, 1992) is an actor and the boyfriend of Olivia Sui. Sam and Olivia were brought together by Shayne Topp, who works with Sam on The Goldbergs.



  • Almost Sam's entire family is based in acting. His father is both an actor and an acting teacher, and owns an acting school.
    • He and his father once played each other at different ages in a commercial for Fargo.


  • Sam and Olivia started dating in early 2018, after being indirectly introduced by Shayne Topp. Shayne and Sam seem to have met at around the time Shayne moved to Los Angeles, and since then they have both taken recurring roles in The Goldbergs, a semi-autobiographical sitcom that airs on ABC.
    • While discussing stories related to the cast members in OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EACH OTHER, Shayne revealed that he deliberately prevented Sam and Olivia from meeting, as he believed that they were so well suited to one another that they would never just be friends. Despite Olivia's requests to meet Sam, Shayne refused to let either of them interact with one another until they had both ended their previous relationships, upon which point they met for the first time in a supermarket.[1]
    • By definition, Shayne's theory proved to be correct, as only a short time after Olivia had broken up with her previous boyfriend and met Sam, they began a relationship.


  • Sam hates Ikea, though his reason for doing so is uncertain.
  • Sam is Jewish and attended Hebrew school when he was younger. At one point, he was suspended for calling one of his teachers "Mr Rabbi Dude".
  • Olivia has implied that Sam's celebrity crush is Emily Ratajowkski.
  • Sam has played the guest role "Dinka" in an episode of Disney's "Sonny with a Chance"