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Saige Ryan is an American actor, host, and writer that began appearing in Smosh Games videos from January 2021. She was officially confirmed as a member of the Smosh Family on April 2, 2021.



Series Video
BoardAF.png Our First RPG Ever!
N/A Among Us, but with the same imposter every time
Every Day is Monday (Best of Twitch)
BoardAF.png Can You Guess These Movies?


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Video Released
Who Makes the Prettiest E-Boy? (Board AF) June 13, 2021
Smosh Visits 13 Dead End Drive! (Board AF) August 8, 2021
Stealing Gnomes & Ruining Lives (Sims 4: Rags to Riches) September 7, 2021
Grand Theft Sims (Rags to Riches) September 14, 2021
SkateBIRD In Real Life September 21, 2021
We Control Our Friends on a Date! September 24, 2021
The Monsters Are Among Us (Board AF: The Grimwood) October 17, 2021
Can You Find The Secret Cult Leader? (Board AF) October 24, 2021
Can We Find The 90's Killer? (Board AF) October 31, 2021
Solving a Murder for 50 Minutes (Board AF) November 7, 2021
We Can't Trust Each Other (Board AF: Muffin Time) November 14, 2021
Telestrations: After Dark (Board AF) November 21, 2021
'Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas (Board AF) November 28, 2021
Can We Build It!? No We Can't! (Board AF: Team 3) December 12, 2021
Guess Who: Assumptions Only (Board AF) December 26, 2021
We're Making A Movie! (Board AF) January 2, 2022
Say ANYTHING and We Mean Anything... (Board AF) January 9, 2022
Big Brain Taboo (Board AF: Monikers) January 16, 2022


Video Released
POV: You've entered a GameStop November 10, 2021