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SUMMER GAMES: WILD WEST WINNERS REVEALED is the eighth and final event of Smosh Summer Games - Wild West.



  • Jovenshire, Courtney, Shayne, Keith, Wes, Boze and Sohinki

Randy Bandits

  • Lasercorn, Noah, Olivia, Damien, Mari, Ian and Flitz



  • The Clint Eastwood Moment of Infamy (Epic Moment) - Shayne
  • You Died of Dysentery (Biggest Fail) - Jovenshire
  • Most Valuable Buckaroo (MVP) - Flitz
  • Least Valuable Varmint (LVP) - Wes
  • Winning Team - Randy Bandits

Fan Interaction

  • Jovenshire commented saying: 'LVP TO MVP! LVP TO MVP! LVP TO......wait a second.........are you SERIOUS!?!?!?!?' It received over 1.5K likes.