SUMMER GAMES: CAMP BEGINS is the first episode of Smosh Summer Games - Camp released July 1, 2016. In this episode the Ian the (Harshmallows) and Anthony (Kumbayaaas) choose their team members and play dodgeball.


  • Anthony, Wes, Jovenshire, Courtney, Olivia and Noah (Team Kumbayaas)
  • Ian, Lasercorn, Shayne, Keith, Flitz and Mari (Team Harshmallows)


  • 1st - Kumbayaas (2 wins)
  • 2nd - Harshmallows (0 wins)


The losers had to stand in a line topless whilst the winning team threw dodge balls at them, decorated as smores.


  • Sohinki was picked for the Kumbayaas team but did not take part in this event.
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