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STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN (originally titled SEXUAL SUN) is a Smosh video that was uploaded on July 3, 2015. It is a sequel to the 2014 video MOLESTER MOON.

Video description

In the highly anticipated follow up to Molester Moon, a group of friends live in fear when they hear a certain 90's song. If someone sends you the Sexual Sun emoji three times you better watch your back... and your butt.

Plot summary

Anthony is hanging out with his friends, and they find out that he is still a virgin. Ian asks if Anthony has heard of the legend of Sexual Sun, which he has not. Ian explains that if someone sends the Sexual Sun emoji to someone three times, the recipient will have "sexy things will happen to [them]". With Anthony's permission, Ian sends the emoji to him. When nothing immediately happens, Ian, Keith, and Noah leave.

Some time later, the three find Anthony huddled in a ball, crying. He explains that Sexual Sun "[sexed him] up" all night. Ian is confused by Anthony's wording, noting that the phrase "sex you up" was only used in a 1990's song. While singing, Ian thinks Anthony did a high note, however Anthony states that he can't sing that high. They hear the same theme and see Sexual Sun. The four friends scream and run away.

While driving away, Ian explains that attempting to escape Sexual Sun is futile, as she will always find her victim. He states that the only way to get rid of her is to send someone else the emoji. After some time, Anthony and Keith walk out of a bedroom. Ian, confused, asks what they were doing. After some confusion, Anthony thought Ian said to give someone "emotional sex" instead of the emoji "through text". Noah also mistakenly had sex with Keith.

Ian asks his mother for help, but she turns out to be Sexual Sun in disguise. Sexual Sun starts humping Noah, who collapses, bringing a malicious smile to Sexual Sun's face.

Ian comes up with a plan to kill Sexual Sun by luring her into a kiddie pool, then tossing in a machine to electrocute her to death. When Sexual Sun suddenly appears behind Anthony, Ian panics and throws various electrical equipment at her, but all of them end up hitting Anthony, much to his displeasure. Keith comes over with a shotgun and blasts Sexual Sun in her "chest", knocking her over into the kiddie pool. To make sure she's dead, Ian and Anthony suggests they have sex with Keith again, which makes Keith curse at them and walk off.

Production notes



  • Sexual Sun shares the quote "I wanna sex you up." with the life-size talking cardboard Fabio in Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH.
  • "I wanna sex you up" is an actual song, from 1991.
  • Ian's plan to electrocute Sexual Sun is reminiscent of how Molester Moon killed one of his victims by making her drop her phone in the bathtub, electrocuting her.
  • The likely reason the title was changed from "SEXUAL SUN" to "STAY AWAY FROM THE SUN" is due to advertisers generally refusing to be associated with anything that can be considered crass, sexual or violent. This is known as the YouTube Adpocalypse. This is rather ironic, since Molester Moon, whose title is far more vulgar, got to keep it’s title.
  • The video, as explained by its BTS video, was loosely-inspired by the horror thriller movie "It Follows".