SPIN THE BOTTLE - TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT is the 145th episode of Squad Vlogs and an episode of the subseries Shut Up and Play.

As mentioned during the intro, this video had managed to be rescued from the "vaults" of Defy Media; before TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #16 was thought to be the final video filmed prior to the company's abrupt shutdown.


We're back with MORE Spin The Bottle, MORE feet play, and WAY TOO MUCH BANANA PLAY. Seriously, what the hell happened? Ya'll need to chill with this banana play, it's way too early in the day for this.




"So, this video was actually rescued from the vaults of our parent company that went out of business a few months ago, and, as a result, it's got a big, dumb watermark on it that we can't remove. [frustrated chuckle] Enjoy!"
— Courtney via voiceover during the animated intro

Olivia welcomes viewers back for another risqué "spin the bottle" video. Shayne points out Olivia's Michael Jackson socks and calls them "a Super Bowl halftime show". Keith points out Olivia's odd visor; Olivia denies having simply stapled a towel to it.

Recent Google searches

Noah is ordered to "read the last 5 things in [his] Google search history". In order, they are:

  • "Light in sky today Los Angeles"
  • "Lightin sky today Los Angeles": Noah explains that his girlfriend Tiffany was in his car, on his phone.
  • "earth axis": Noah explains that he had recently gotten his prescription done and something with his eyes.
  • "smurfette": Noah had brought in Smurf-merchandised candy with Smurfette on the packaging. He called his girlfriend "Smurfette" as a nickname. She was apparently offended by this, much to his confusion, as he had considered Smurfette to be "dope".
  • "aofritas": A misspelling of "sofrito"; Noah wanted to know if it was the tofu or sauce.
  • "welcome to ihop"

After that, Olivia's recent Google searches are read off:

  • "etsy: your place to buy and sell things"
  • "mariposa tie dye"
  • "bamboo socks size 11-13"
  • "tie dye socks etsy"
  • "out from under tie dye boot sock"
  • "tie dye socks women"
  • "tie dye socks"
  • "tiedye socks"
  • "tiedye soks"
  • "stacy weitzman"
  • "henry winkler" Henry Winkler and Stacy Weitzman are married.

Improvised diaper

Noah must make a diaper out of something in the room and wear it. Shayne fastens Noah's sweatshirt around him (Noah), and Noah shows it off.

Feet banana

Keith must peel a banana with his feet. Noah is tossed a rotten banana, to the amused disgust of the others. Keith puts it in a small bowl-shaped tray and, after some time and difficulty, manages to cleanly split the top of the peel. However, while the others scream, Keith squishes the rest of it, takes a bite out of the bottom, and spits it out. Keith starts playing with it, and it ends up on the couch Courtney, Shayne, and Olivia are sitting on.

Eskimo object kissing

Courtney and Keith must Eskimo kiss an inanimate object. Noah suggests the boom mic, and they comply.

Backwards clothes

Keith must put his clothes on backwards. Without questions, Keith stands up and does so, exposing sight of his junk in the proces


  • As this video was rescued from the "vaults" of Defy Media, it features a Defy Media watermark.
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