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SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX #2 with, Joven, Shayne, and Wes is the 13th episode of the Smosh Pit series The Challenge Pit. It was released on August 6, 2019 and is the twelfth special of Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse, as well as the follow-up to SPELLING BEE-KINI WAX.


Joven, Shayne, and Wes are putting their spelling skills to the test on Spelling Bee-kini Wax, the only spelling bee where losing the round means losing hair... down there.


  • 1st - Wes (2 pts.)
  • 2nd - Shayne (1 pts.)
  • 3rd - Joven (0 pts.)

Fan Interaction

  • Sarah commented: "SPOILER ALERT: I HAD A GREAT TIME!" It received over 7k likes.
  • Jovenshire commented: "Well, here we are. From Joven Wax, to bikini Wax. I've done it. No more!?!?!?" It received over 100 likes.