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SMOSH WINTER GAMES IS COMING... AGAIN! is the trailer for Smosh Winter Games - Again! and was released on February 1, 2017 on Smosh Games.


Smosh Winter Games is back!

Winter Games takes over Smosh Games and Smosh 2nd for the whole month of February! Make sure to have your notifications turned on, because we’ll be responding to comments for the first hour of every Winter Games upload!

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying:
    '*No dummies were hurt during the filming of 2017 winter games.
    previous statement may not be accurate.
    in fact it is totally not accurate.'
    It received over 1.3K likes.
  • Mari commented saying: '.................AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' It received over 870 likes.
  • Sohinki commented saying: 'Dablizzards... more like DAblosers!... am I right!?' It received over 760 likes.
  • Smosh Games commented twice:
    • The first comment said 'Be sure you have your notifications turned on for Smosh 2nd and Smosh Games, because we’ll be responding to Comments for the first hour of every Winter Games upload!' and received over 590 likes.
    • The second comment said: 'Surprise guest appearance by a real life digimon.' and received over 500 likes.
  • Jovenshire commented saying: 'man wait til you see who Mari 69's with.' It received over 600 likes.
  • Wes commented saying: 'WOOOT!!!! So excited for this!!' It received voer 550 likes.
  • Anthony commented saying: 'Smosh Winter Games 2017... 100% more raw hot dogs slapped on supple cheek skin!' It received over 280 likes.