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L-R: Olivia, Wes, Mari, Courtney

SMOSH SECRETS REVEALED (Smosh Summer Games) is the twenty-second episode of Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover. It was released July 9, 2016. The episode guest stars Mari and Wes, with Keith and Jovenshire becoming featured over the course of the episode.

In this episode, the cast plays "T.M.I.", in which they select a random fact from hat. After the fact is read, they need to guess which Smosh Family member the fact is about. If they do not guess correctly, they must eat a Beanboozled jelly bean (though in this video the latter rule vanished over time).

Facts learnt

  1. Almost killed my sibling with the wrapper of a Snapple cap - Ian
  2. In Kindergarten, I peed sitting on the same toilet seat as my classmate because I couldn't wait my turn to use the bathroom - Mari
  3. I learned multiplications tables because I got so many lunch detentions and our punishment was to learn times tables - Joven
  4. When I was 9 my dog grabbed a bag of treats and my mom told me to take them away. I did and and my dog bite my face. I bled and cried a lot. My parents kept the dog - Lasercorn
  5. My mom convinced me to ride a giant roller coaster when I was in 5th grade. As soon as the safety restraints came down and tried to claw my way out of the seat. I screamed "I changed my mind!" until the ride stopped - Lasercorn
  6. I used to sleep walk and woke up one night banging pots and pans together - Anthony
  7. When I was little I had an uncontrollable urge to draw naked people. I hid all my masterpieces in a secret corner behind my bed for years - Courtney
  8. My grandma washed my mouth out with Dove soap because I said $@%T - Keith
  9. In 6th grade I didn't want to do P.E. but I really liked digging in the sandbox. My teacher was supportive of my sandbox digging endeavors so I passed the class - Olivia
  10. I almost died 5 times - Noah
  11. I used to throw up when I got too excited, too scared, too happy or too nervous - Olivia
  12. I was in the 99th percentile for the SATS in school - Wes
  13. I middle school I constantly fell victim to girls wanting to experiment with lesbian kissing for some reason - Courtney
  14. I used to play in abandoned houses because I was poor - Flitz
  15. I missed my first day of school in fifth grade - Keith
  16. When I was a child I collected fish eyeballs in a jar - Mari
  17. In high school, I was asked to join the track team because the coach saw me running top speed from a guy trying to beat me up - Joven
  18. Ran away from ranchers and while hiding, had to watch a bunch of bulls have an orgy - Ian
  19. I almost lost my virginity in public. Was so ready, but then "it" was like "nah" - Flitz
  20. I paid a man to snort wasabi - Noah


  • The story about Ian almost killing his sibling is also told in "The Mother's Day Rule"
    • Courtney was in this video playing Ian's sister, which was why she knew the answer.
  • Courtney calls Keith "Shayne" in this video by mistake.
  • Shayne and Sohinki are the only cast members not to have any facts about them revealed.