Smosh Family Secret Santa is an episode of the Smosh Games series SmoshVentures and was released as part of the Christmas 2017 season. The video documents a Secret Santa (with a twist) that occurred between the members of the Smosh Squad and the Smosh Games crew. Although Olivia Sui is technically an exception to this - as she was abroad during the video - her gift plays an important part of the exchange; thus, the video features on-screen appearances from eleven members of the Smosh Family but involved all twelve full-time members.


The whole Smosh family plays the White Elephant Gift Exchange game - just in time for the holidays!

The Rules

Joven explained that the rules were a crossover between Secret Santa and White Elephant. Earlier that month, every Smosh member had randomly drawn the name of another random Smosh member for whom they were a Secret Santa. Accordingly, they bought a gift (or multiple gifts) for that person with a maximum dollar limit; while Keith opened his present, Courtney implied this limit was $80 as that was their guess for how much Keith's Uber gift card was worth.

The day of the video, the eleven present members of the Smosh family drew lots to determine turn order (see table below). The game consisted of two rounds:

Round 1: The first person (Damien) has no choice but to open their own gift. Everybody afterwards, however, had one of two options - open their own gift(s), or steal the gift(s) already opened by someone else. If they chose the steal, their victim then received their gift in exchange.

Round 2: After everyone recieved their gift, Olivia's gift was opened in her absence. Using the same turn order, everyone was given two options - keep the gift they had, or trade with the gift that was in the center at the time. Although this was the only official rule, some surprise exchanges also happened.....

Turn Order and Gift Distribution

Turn No. Recipient Secret Santa Intended Gift Final Gift
1 Damien Haas ???? 4 Funko Pops (Howard the Duck, Edward Cullen, Bob Ross and Red Knight) Kindle
Notes: As the first person on the exchange, Damien had no other option than to accept his gift during Round 1, though fortunately he was pleased with his four Funko Pops. Later however, as he knew what Olivia's gift was, he chose to exchange his gift for the Kindle he had bought her. Later, Boze claimed the Funko Pops, stating that she had chosen to take them because she knew Damien wanted most of them, implying that she would give them back to him as long as he occasionally let her use the Kindle.
2 Boze Shayne Topp 10-lb bag of whey protein powder 4 Funko Pops
Notes: Shayne had given Boze the protein powder for no other purpose than to steal it later, knowing that no one would want it but him. While Boze seemed to appreciate the gift intended for Shayne, a set of graphic novels, she later exchanged them for Damien's Funko Pops, saying that the reason she wanted them was so she could recover them for Damien.
3 Keith Leak Jr. ???? Uber Gift Certificate Uber Gift Certificate; Brown Hat, Gold Jacket and Pants
Notes: Keith had originally bought the golden outfit as a gift for Flitz; however, it was implied that he had deliberately bought in his size rather than Flitz's, meaning it didn't fit. Flitz consequently gave it back to Keith to keep for himself, along with his Uber certificate, although Keith was shamed heavily by the other Smosh members for accepting two gifts.
4 Noah Grossman ???? Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth Speakers
Notes: Noah opened his gift only to have it stolen by Joven immediately afterwards; in retaliation, Noah was able to open the Mjolnir replica he had bought for Joven, to the Smosh cast's delight and to Joven's embarrassment. In Round 2 he traded this for the Y: The Last Man graphic novels that were in the center. However, instead of keeping a gift for herself, Mari later decided to return Noah's bluetooth speakers to him at no cost. Upon recovering his original gift from Mari, Noah gifted the graphic novels to Flitz as an apology for Keith claiming his gift as well as his own.
5 Jovenshire Noah Grossman Mjolnir replica (stand included) Mjolnir replica (stand included)
Notes: Noah had supposedly bought the hammer for Joven to mount in the office that he uses to record videos for his personal channel; however, when Joven stole his own gift, Noah claimed it for himself. Mari then stole the speakers from Joven, who therefore received the Dunkaroos meant for her. In Round 2, Noah traded the hammer for the gift in the center, completely forgetting that this would allow Joven to recover his gift.
6 Wes Johnson Olivia Sui 60-serving Hershey's Chocolate Bar, Powderless Gloves, Sanitizing Wipes, and 50 Sriracha Packets 10 packs of Dunkaroos
Notes: The Smosh Family joked about how Wes's gift really only made sense if Olivia was his Secret Santa; when they seriously considered why she had bought him such random things, they concluded that she had bought the sriracha packets after buying everything needed to eat the Hershey's bar as a way to spend the remaining balance. Even though no Smosh member other than Wes felt that they could handle that much chocolate, Wes was clearly unhappy with what he'd been given. However, even before Round 2 began, Wes made Joven promise to share his current gift of Dunkaroos; when they became available after Joven traded them for the hammer, he made the switch before even being asked.
7 Mari Takahashi ???? 10 packs of Dunkaroos None
Notes: Mari stole the Bluetooth Speakers from Joven specifically to punish him for stealing them from Noah, the intended recipient. In Round 2, she chose to trade with no one and instead returned the speakers to Noah, leaving herself empty-handed.
8 Courtney Miller ???? Rick and Morty Slippers and Socks Rick and Morty Slippers and Socks
Notes: Courtney may have been the happiest with her original gift. After opening the slippers, she explained that the heater in her apartment wasn't working, and that as she didn't own a pair of slippers, she was forced to wear down her socks so that she wouldn't get cold feet. Keith then confirmed that Courtney was a big fan of Rick and Morty, making her Secret Santa gift possibly the most suitable of all of them.
9 Shayne Topp ???? (possibly Jovenshire) Y: The Last Man - Anthology Collections 1-3 10-lb bag of whey protein powder
Notes: Shayne admitted that he purchased his Secret Santa gift specifically to steal it for himself, even if he regretted not being able to accept his real gift as a result. Despite this (and after considering stealing Joven's Dunkaroos), Shayne was happy to take Boze's gift back after seeing she wasn't happy with it.

Just before the video ended, Shayne received another gift; a box of peanut butter, given as a joking response to his peanut allergy. Shayne had to put on a glove and feel around in the box to find his gift; it turned out to be a Matt Raub pin.

10 Ian Hecox ???? Bob Ross socks and Adidas High Top Sneakers Bob Ross socks and Adidas High Top Sneakers
Notes: After opening the sneakers, Ian joked about being "too white to pull off high tops" (to Noah and Courtney's indignation). However, after trying them on, he was met with widespread praise for how well they suited him; he noted that since he turned 30 that year, this could mark the beginning of a decade of high tops for him. In Round 2, Ian debated switching gifts specifically to prank Olivia, but decided against it after Shayne and Courtney reminded him how the Clothes Swap videos proved that Olivia could wear anything without a problem, so it wouldn't be funny.
11 Flitz Keith Leak Jr. Brown Hat, Gold Jacket and Pants Y: The Last Man - Anthology Collections 1-3
Notes: Upon finding that the clothes Keith had given him didn't fit him, Flitz debated gifting them to his nephew before returning them to Keith, who tried insisting that he at least keep the hat. In Round 2, Noah gave him the graphic novels (which Flitz had been most excited to see) to make up for the fact that his Secret Santa was "wearing his gift".
12 Olivia Sui (absent) Damien Haas Kindle 60-serving Hershey Bar, Powderless Gloves, Sanitizing Wipes, and 50 Sriracha Packets
Notes: When Damien revealed the gift he had bought for Olivia at the beginning of Round 2, Noah and Shayne joked about how they weren't even sure if Olivia could read. After Wes switched his gift from Olivia for the Dunkaroos, it became apparent that after all the exchanges, Olivia would be receiving her own Secret Santa gift back for Christmas, something that the entire Smosh cast found hilarious.


  • Shayne previously received a box of peanut butter in The Damien & Shayne Show episode CHRISTMAS IN GTA ONLINE, despite being allergic to peanuts.
  • Five Secret Santas were revealed during the video (Shayne, Noah, Olivia, Keith and Damien), meaning that seven in total went unrevealed. Though the remaining selections have yet to be confirmed, some hints were dropped in the video as to who they might have been.
    • Shayne's Secret Santa is speculated to have been Joven, as he seemed to be very aware of what Shayne's gift was, though it was never acknowledged that he bought it.
      • It almost certainly wasn't Boze or Flitz, as both reacted to the gift as though they hadn't seen it before.
    • Mari's gift probably wasn't from Joven, as Joven acted as though he did not know what her gift would be when he had to take it. This evidence also points to it not being Wes, though there is less proof of this.
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