SLOW MO SLINKY DROP W/ VERITASIUM (Smosh Lab) is a Smosh Lab episode released August 23, 2017.  It serves as the nineteenth episode and it is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  

SMOSH LAB pairs SMOSH super-talent SHAYNE TOPP with an actual scientist and they do KICK-ASS science experiments. Every episode will feature a new science experiment and a big friggin’ mess. It’s LEARNING… on accident.


Shayne and Derek test acceleration on different objects, learning about how it affects the world around us. He then tests it on a slinky, which acts differently than most objects. The top drops first while the bottom stays in place, before it gets hit with the top.


This episode is labeled as 'episode 18' on Youtube, but it's technically episode 19, with MAGIC WATER BAG EXPERIMENT being 18, though that episode was not on the official playlist on Youtube.

Video stills

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