"I don't see anything... I'm just gonna do Morse code. Slender Man! Come rescue us! We're trapped!"
—A bored Anthony right before he and Ian encounter Slender Man[src]

SLENDER MAN MAKES US CRY! is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Gametime w/ Smosh. In this episode, Ian and Anthony play the survival horror game Slender: The Eight Pages.

It was released on September 26, 2012, alongside the S.A.G.N.U.T. episode Zombies, Assassins, and DLC.


Ian and Anthony take on Slender! And, completely freak out.


Because Slender is a one-player game, Anthony controls where the camera and flashlight and Ian controls where the physical movement. After walking around for some time, Ian and Anthony come across a truck and a warehouse, where they find their first page. Searching for pages, they eventually collecting their third page. Slender Man appears in front of them, causing them to freak out and "run" away. Despite being frightened, Ian and Anthony continue to hunt for pages while Slender Man stalks closely behind them. Slender Man follows them into a bathroom, which they find a page in and escape. Soon after leaving the bathroom complex, Slender Man catches up and kills their character, leaving them screaming and never wanting to play the game again.



Ian and Anthony find their first page.

Ian explains the premise of the game and that since Slender is a one-player game, he will control the player-character's movement while Anthony controls the camera and flashlight. They both heavily doubt that this combination will be efficient in any way.

Ian turns the lights in the room off to match the mood of the game. They start the game and are given the command to find the eight pages. Anthony expresses his confusion with the mechanics of the game and eventually boredom with the lack of anything happening. They eventually come across an abandoned truck next to a small warehouse. After finding nothing on the truck, they find their first page (reading "HELP ME") on the side of the warehouse. After dismissing some background noise, they continue wandering through the woods and find another abandoned truck, with the second page (reading "DON'T LOOK... OR IT TAKES YOU") on the side of it.


Ian and Anthony exploring the abandoned restroom complex.

Anthony laments how they have been playing for a half hour and have only found two pages. They enter a sewer tunnel and find a third page (reading "ALWAYS WATCHES; NO EYES"). As they leave the tunnel, ominous music plays, which the two compare to a lawnmower and joke about how Slender Man is a landscaper. Knowing Slender Man is nearby, they look around and Anthony does Morse code with the flashlight until they see Slender Man appear in front of them. "Running" away (due to them not figuring out how to sprint), Ian tries to escape Slender Man but Anthony, despite Ian's protests, repeatedly looks back at, almost allowing Slender Man to kill them. They continue to wander through the forest, noticing Slender Man following them due to Anthony's erratic camera movements. Anthony notices Mickey Mouse patterns on the trees, leading to them jokingly berating the game's developer for their perceived laziness.

Ian and Anthony enter a large restroom complex. Ian is particularly on edge, expecting to see Slender Man appear around every corner. Ian's fears to realized after they see him around one of the corners, causing them to freak out and "run" away. Walking around the outside of the building, Anthony sees another entrance and eggs a reluctant Ian to enter. They explore the inside again but find nothing except a chair and a dark stain on the ground that they speculate to be Slender Man's semen. They enter another entrance and find a fourth page (reading "CAN'T RUN"). Leaving the restroom complex, Ian sees gasoline tanks (a confused Anthony momentarily thought Ian was referring to military tanks) and starts to head towards it. Before they can reach it, however, Anthony takes a short glance to the side and they see Slender Man right next to them. Ian and Anthony freak out as the screen turns to loud static.


Ian and Anthony freaking out after being caught by Slender Man.

Still shaking, Ian and Anthony decide that they do not want to continue playing, but (jokingly) ardently deny that it is because they were scared; instead, they were so bored, that Ian "pissed [him]self and sh*t [him]self when [he] got really bored".


  • To date, this is the most viewed video on Smosh Games, with over 18 million views.
  • Ian and Anthony never realized the character can run by holding "Shift".
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