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Best friend? We don't even know you.
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Slaying Together in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The video thumbnail featuring Anthony Padilla (left) and Ian Hecox

SLAYING TOGETHER IN MONSTER HUNTER 4 ULTIMATE is an episode of Gametime with Smosh Games released June 3, 2015.

Video Description

Learn more about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate available on the New Nintendo 3DS XL here ►►

Download a free demo on the Nintendo eShop to start your own monster hunting adventure.

We were super excited to go on an epic monster hunt together in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on our new Nintendo 3DS XL systems. For the first time ever in a Monster Hunter game, you can ride monsters, access the Insect Glaive and Charge Blade weapon classes, and experience major terrain changes during battles and we got to experience it all as friends. Yay!

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