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Sex Turban is a Smosh music video uploaded onto the main channel on March 27, 2015.


Anthony was about to ask Ian if he's ready for their night out when he suddenly sees Ian wearing a golden turban. Ian explains that it's his new "Sex Turban", which he explains (in song) that it's a turban that brought him so many ladies.

However, Anthony later learns that if he takes off the sex turban, he'll die. He tells Ian that he's not showing up to his great aunt's funeral tomorrow wearing it, but Ian says that he'll just have to die then, causing Anthony to scream.

The next day, Anthony shows up at his great aunt's funeral, still wearing a turban with ladies worshipping him. However, his great aunt suddenly comes back to life groping Anthony while the male funeral goers run away. Ian then explains that the sex turban also raises the dead. Anthony questions his great aunt touching him.


Ian: I bought this turban at a garage sale,
and ever since then I've been an alpha male
There's just something ladies love
about a big, sexy turban
Someone better hose me down
'cuz I'm so hot, I'm burnin'

Chorus: Sex Turban
Ian: It's a magical sexual hat
Chorus: Sex Turban
Anthony: I wouldn't be caught dead in that
Chorus: Sex Turban
Ian: You put it on and all the ladies wanna sex ya
Chorus: Sex Turban
Anthony: Alright, fine. Do you have an extra?

Ian: Not everybody knows
just how I get my hoes
Anthony: Whoa! Sexist!
Ian: Not everybody knows
how to respectfully pursue a woman
Anthony: That's better.
Chorus: If you wanna get a lady in your bed
put a sex turban on your head

Sex Turban
Ian: It's a turban made of sex
Chorus: Sex Turban
Random Indian Man: My ancestors were oppressed!
Chorus: Sex Turban
Anthony: No girl has ever touched me there
Chorus: Sex Turban
Lady: Oh, Ian, can I taste your hair?

Anthony: At first I didn't think
the turban magic was real
and now I'm covered in ladies
trying to cop a feel
It was cool at first
but now I'm feeling harassed
so now I'm gonna take it off
so they stop groping my ass!

Chorus: Sex Turban
Ian: It's a sex hat made of cloth
Chorus: Sex Turban
Ian: You can never take it off!
Anthony: Wait! What?
Chorus: Death Turban
Anthony: DEATH Turban?!
Ian: If you take it off you'll die
Anthony: Dude, what the f**k!?
Chorus: Death Turban
Ian: Just keep it on, don't ask why


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Brittni Barger

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Laurel O'Brien

Shelby Hagensmith

Lindsey Halsey

Arjun Singh


  • In the extended version, the "Whoa, sexist!" scene is omitted.
  • A fan-made edit of this video exists on YouTube.


Shut Up! Opening

"Cultural appropriation is super serious.SHUT UP!"

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