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Best friend? We don't even know you.
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Smosh Pit 34
"SEXY SANTA & CAPTION FAILS!" is the 34th installment for Smosh Pit Weekly.

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  • Pictures For You to Steal: V. 65
  • Rhett & Link: Christmas Carol CAPTION FAIL

Questions and responses

From the previous week:

  1. Is that a knife in the background? Yes, it is made of a Coyote jawbone. She got it in Seattle.
  2. Cookie or Cupcake? Cookie, but with the cupcake frosting.

This week's:

  1. Can you wear a bikini in your next video. She doesn't want those kinds of viewers.
  2. Who's your favorite Dubstep artist? Flux Pavillion and Shrillex. She's relatively new into the genre.
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