SEXY DANCE PUNISHMENT is the second part of a two-part unofficial Smosh Game Bang released on the Smosh Games channel on October 27, 2018. It features the whole of the Smosh Games Crew for their annual Halloween Just Dance videos.


It's time to decide the Halloween Just Dance losers and winners and get down for a SEXY dance punishment!


The bottom two losers in the loser bracket must do a sexy salsa dance.


Round Two

  • Boze Vs Shayne
  • Damien Vs Olivia
  • Lasercorn Vs Mari

Round Three (Triple Threat)

  • Mari Vs Boze Vs Damien


  • This is an unofficial Game Bang but contains all the elements of a Game Bang (A game, losers and a punishment).
    • The previous Halloween Just Dance videos were Game Bangs.
    • The video was later added to Smosh Games' Game Bang playlist.
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