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Robbie the Magical Tapeworm

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Robbie the Magical Tapeworm
Butt Serpent
Coming out of Ian's butt, burping magic, Ian, Anthony (possibly), teasing Ian about him never seeing The Wizard of Oz
The goth
His ancestors †
"4,000 years ago, man lived in harmony with the magical tapeworm, which at the time were known as the mighty Butt Serpents of Ishtar. Man found a way to harness and control the Butt Serpents' magical properties. The Egyptian pyramids, the Mayan temples, the Great Wall of China all were created solely with the power of the Butt Serpents. But over time, man grew greedy and destructive. People started using the Butt Serpents' power for evil, turning houses into lava, turning newborn babies into grizzly bears. The world was in peril, so in a last-ditch effort to save humanity, a group of goths used their spiritual powers, and maximum-strength laxatives to banish the Butt Serpents and destroy them once and for all."
—The goth explaining the Butt Serpents' history to Anthony Padilla.

Robbie the Magical Tapeworm is a talking magical tapeworm that appeared in Ian Hecox's buttocks in MY MAGICAL TAPEWORM!.

He was voiced by Anthony Padilla.



Peter Peter's butt

Robbie makes his debut cameo appearance. He was one of the video ideas that Peter Peter found in Smosh's shoebox that he stole. Peter is seen filming a video with Robbie hanging out of his butt before Anthony and Ian approach the thief.


This is Robbie's second appearance. When Ian ate Mexican food and became sick, three days later, Robbie emerges from his butt. After an awkward first conversation, Robbie burps magic and turns Ian's gym clothes into oranges and lemons which he claims is indigestion. Afterwards, he and Ian are watching Glee just as Anthony complains the oranges taste like "sweaty balls" and is notices Robbie, shocking him. Anthony becomes even more shocked when Robbie can talk. Robbie then burps again, giving Anthony women's breasts and Ian squeezes them thinking that his shirt is just budging up, but he realizes that they are real so he continues touching them, causing Anthony to yell at him to stop.

Later, Ian is eating at home and wonders why is he always hungry suddenly. Robbie burps and transforms a teddy bear into a pile of The Wizard of Oz DVDs. Robbie says that The Wizard of Oz is a great movie to which Ian says that he has never seen it, shocking Robbie who teases him for not watching the movie, making Ian yell at him to stop. Just then, the goth comes in to eliminate Robbie so he blows on a horn to make Ian lose his bowels and eject Robbie. Ian retaliates by making Robbie burp on the goth's horn, turning it into a full length Rebecca Black album, shocking him so he takes a full bottle of suicide pills. While they wait, Robbie tells the goth that Ian never watched The Wizard of Oz, shocking the goth because The Wizard of Oz is his favorite movie just as he finally succumbs to the pills. While they all laugh, including the goth, from Ian's pun, Robbie then says once again that Ian never watched The Wizard of Oz, finally making Ian lose his temper and threatens Robbie to poop him out if he doesn't shut up.


  • Robbie is really the head and neck cut-off of a large rubber toy snake.


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