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Smosh on Reddit



Smosh has an unofficial subreddit, /r/smosh, that was launched on December 6, 2011 by Redditor erixsson. Recently, the subreddit has come under new moderation and has been revamped by Redditor sharp_five_v in Reddit "new" layout, while the previous "old" site layout still retains its banner with Ian and Anthony. As of June 2020, the subreddit has over 5,500 subscribed users.

Other Smosh-related subreddits

The following is a list of Smosh-related subreddits aside from the primary one above, listed in order of creation.

Subreddit Created Subject
/r/smoshgames (Privated) Unknown Smosh Games
/r/SmoshGamesAlliance September 5, 2015 Smosh Games Alliance
/r/CourtneyMiller September 20, 2016 Courtney Miller
/r/OliviaSui April 22, 2017 Olivia Sui
/r/SmoshGirls June 27, 2017 "The ladies of Smosh"
/r/SmoshBoze July 28, 2017 Ericka Bozeman
/r/SmoshShutDownUpdates November 8, 2018 "News/updates about the smosh shutdown"
/r/SmoshCast March 3, 2019 SmoshCast
/r/jovenshire April 19, 2019 Joshua Ovenshire
/r/ShayneTopp November 24, 2019 Shayne Topp
/r/Smoshmemes December 2, 2019 "memes with and about the Smosh gang"


Account Owner Created Notes
/u/lasercorn David Moss December 8, 2010 -
RustPromoterDX Joshua Ovenshire November 15, 2015 Jovenshire's account has only one post, "You cannot hurt me... I AM A GOLDEN GOD!" in /r/roastme. He named his account after the Rust Promoter DX, an item in the Nintendo game EarthBound.
/u/TanetaneTourist Wesley Johnson November 15, 2015 Wes's account also has only one post, "Not used to being roasted, but let's give it a shot!" in /r/roastme. Wes's username is based on Tanetane Island from EarthBound.

In videos

  • In "IF THE INTERNET WERE REAL 2", Anthony complains how a Bad Luck Brian meme on Tumblr was just stolen from Reddit and how an Ancient Aliens meme was just stolen from 4chan. In the scene parodying 4chan, Anthony finally finds the website that he considers the origin of all memes (according to other Internet elitists), but a jumpcut shows him crying on the floor over what he saw.
  • In "TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE", Ian and Anthony react to a video compilation called "Reddit's Try Not To Laugh Challenge", which originated from a thread on /r/AskReddit.


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