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Raif is the football captain of Oishi Kawaii's high school. He likes to hang out with his football friends, who make fun of other students. Raif has a certain affection for Oishi. Raif is also a bully.


Raif makes several appearances during the Oishi High School Battle series.

The Crush

Raif attempts to ask out Oishi during school, but is told that she is already engaged. Raif then challenges Oishi's fiancé Mucusance. Raif loses, and Mucusance eats him alive in front of all of his friends.

The Gay Kid

Raif claims to have seen two gay kids, and wants to attempt to root them out. Aubrey, another football player, attempts to throw him off his trail. Raif then asks his friends to have a gay test, which Aubrey declines. Later, the three gay demons take control of Raif and his friends, and Raif kisses Aubrey, saying it is good luck before a football game. Aubrey then tells Raif another lucky charm, which he is nervous about.

Career Day

After Oishi's father, Ryuzu, ends his presentation for the class, Raif humiliates him and his friends laugh at him for working at a run-down job.

The Final Battle

After the high school is attacked by Bane-Mi Raif and his friends are hiding in the locker room. He then comes out and saves Oishi when Bane-Mi is about to stab her. He then tells her he "loves her ass" this unlocks her special attack. After she defeats Bane-Mi and asks Raif if he really meant that. He says yes and they kiss.

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