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REVENGE OF SECRET HITLER is the 238th episode of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang and was released on April 14, 2017. It is the first part of the three-part eighth Game Bang 2.0 Tournament.

Video Description

Secret Hitler Returns! This game is TOO much fun. Split into liberals and fascists, we must use our powers of deduction to work out each other's political allegiance - and find the Secret Hitler!


There are two Fascist, four Liberals and one Hitler chosen at the beginning of the game. In order for the Liberals to win, they must either make it to five pieces of Liberal policy in place, or kill Hitler. For the Fascists to win, they must either make it to five pieces of Fascist policy in place, or Hitler must be made Chancellor with three pieces of Fascist policy in place.

Fascist Liberal Hitler
Flitz X
Jovenshire X
Mari X
Boze X
Wes X
Sohinki X
Lasercorn X


As 6 pieces of Fascist Policy were played, the Fascists (Lasercorn, Sohinki and Jovenshire) won.

Game Bang 2.0 Tournament

For this Game Bang 2.0 Tournament, the Smosh Games Crew play games that do not require points. Instead, fans will vote for their MVPs using the #GameBangMVP with the player's name. The three players to receive the most votes from the fans will be out of the punishment.