Lunchtime 73
Revealing Our Real Names
 is the 73rd installment of the IanH show Lunchtime with Smosh.


The camera pans around a ceiling with dozens of green cages and Anthony wonders why they have all the hamsters in the cages. The animation commences.


Walking in the airport

Anthony animatedly greets the viewers and starts talking and stops to let Ian finish his sentence, but he is oddly glum, not caring what they will eat. Anthony wonders what his problem is and it turns out Ian only got 2 hours of sleep. Anthony has no idea what he was doing last night. Ian only reveals that he lost his voice and his ankle is sore.

Leaving the airport

Ian asks Anthony, who is ready to leave the parking garage, if he is ready and Anthony is ready to go down the winding concrete path to the ground. Anthony jokes he will go down at 80 miles and hour and makes funny noises as they careen down. A message from Anthony appears as the car continues down:

"I hope your ears are bleeding after this part. Mine are.
Sincerely, Anthony."

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