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RAPPERS IN 2018 is a Smosh main channel upload released on February 7, 2018. Ian Hecox, portraying a fictional rapper by the name of "Lil Toe" is being interviewed and documented on himself, his life, and his highly successful rookie rap career, which is stereotypical to many young American male rap artists and its industry around the year 2018. Ironically, the uploaded video's sypnosis states famous young American male rappers around this time such as Lil Pump, 21 Savage, 6IX9INE, and XXXTentacion have one thing in common, none of them compares to Lil Toe.


  • Ian Hecox as Lil Toe and narrator.
  • Noah Grossman as "Young Isis" and female background dancer.
  • Keith Leak Jr. as deceased influential American male rapper Tupac and female background dancer.
  • Shayne Topp as interviewer.


  • This is the second Smosh main sketch video in a row where Keith and Noah portray women.
  • Although the video garnered a higher "view" rate as it progressed throughout its first day of existence, it also garnered a slower "like" rate as it progressed throughout its first day of its existence.
  • To many viewers' delight, Lil Toe is actually a lesser-known rapper.
  • The video's timeline is not sequential.
  • The known songs Lil Toe has made in this video is "Fendi Booty", "Timex", "Dolce and Gabbana Ass", and "Supreme".
  • Ian's outfit in the video was inspired by 6IX9INE.
  • The name 'Lil Toe" may have been inspired by one or all of the following rapping Lil's that made an impact in 2017: Lil Pump, Lil Peep, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Xan.
  •  Young Isis was killed by a drone strike because of the last name of his stage name making him be perceived as a terrorist and drone strikes being a popular method in killing terrorists.
  • In the video, Ian screamed one of Lil Pump's most famous quotes "Esketit!", which means "Let's get it!".
  • In the video, Keith said one of Tupac's most famous quotes "Come with me".
  • Lil Toe's "Supreme" music video may have been a parody of Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang".


Being one of the most viewed Smosh videos in 2018, the video also recieved a majority like to dislike ratio which is one of the highest in Smosh videos in 2018. The video was called the "best Smosh video of 2018" by some, some even calling it the "best Smosh video of all time" or "the best video ever". Some commenters used the video and its positive reception as an example as to why Smosh is "still good".

A massive amount of commenters thought the video was crazily accurate, some of them saying how sad it was music and musicians similar to this are so popular and influential. However, some took offense to the video's potrayal of rap music and its artists, many criticising Smosh for it.

Some commenters actually liked the songs Lil Toe produced despite the songs being made for sarcastic and satirical purposes instead of actual enjoyment. Many other commenters said the video was simply along the lines of entertaining and interesting. There were hardly any commenters talking about Anthony with him being the subject of many Smosh main channel video comments since his departure.

Many questioned or theoried the rapper (s) Ian was parodying in the video, the top contenders being Lil Pump and 6IX9INE. However, similar to how THE SECRET TO INSTAGRAM COMEDY was a parody of Instagram Comedians in general, this video is most likely a parody of American rappers and its industry in the late 2010's.

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