Prank It Forward (stylized Prank It FWD or #PrankItFwd) is an organization created by DEFY Media and presented by Break.



Prank It Forward's goal is to perform random acts of kindness to people who deserve it most. The organization has helped change many people's lives since its creation. Smosh has done multiple videos in collaboration with Prank It Forward as well as one with just the Smosh Games cast.

Work with Smosh

Year Title Prank Executer(s) Note
2014 Ultimate Fan Surprise Prank Smosh
Video Game Bus Prank Smosh Games
2015 Smosh Games Superfan Prank
Ultimate High School Prank Smosh This video aired April Fool's Day.
Jennifer Lawrence Pranks Smosh This video situated in Smosh 10th Anniversary Week
2016 Surprise Fan Prank Smosh & Smosh Squad This video aired April Fool's Day (but not in the real joke)
Epic Lunchtime (Extra) A Lunchtime with Smosh episode to Surprise Fan Prank episode
Ultimate Obstacle Course Fan Prank Smosh Games This video is sponsored by Ratchet & Clank the movie (along with video of Smosh: My Best Friend is a Robot)
2017 Flash Mob Musical Prank?! Smosh & Smosh Squad This video is sponsored by Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.
Epic Convention Prank! Smosh Games
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