Kalel and Anthony adopt Pip(deleted video)

Pip is Anthony and Kalel's former cat. Since the breakup, Pip has very rarely been seen on camera. Because Anthony gave Pip to his friend, it Is very unlikely he will ever be shown by Anthony again.


Pip is a Savannah breed with a small body and head with big ears. His fur is tan with black spots. He looks very similar to Kabuki due to their similar breed. 


Pip appeared to have good relationship with both Kalel and Anthony but he seemed more attached to Anthony. Although Kabuki took a while to get used to him, she started to show a more friendly nature towards him by the end of their time together. Pip's relationship with his new, and most likely final owner, is ideal.

Other information

  • Pip was first anounced in "Boyfriend Does My Makeup!" 
  • Pip was first seen in "OUR NEW BABY!"
  • Kalel had two names picked out, Figaro, which is the name of the cat in Pinocchio, and Pip. She ended up picking the name Pip because she thought he looked like a pipsqueak.
  • Anthony has posted a lot of pictures of Pip on his Instagram, and has used a photo of him and Pip in a Smosh video, "ADDICTED TO SELFIES."
  • Pip was looked after by Kalel when Anthony is filming in Sacramento. When Anthony is in Los Angeles, where him and Kalel resided, Anthony, Kalel and the cats all lived in the same apartment.
  • Pip likes to go in the shower, or any type of water, with Anthony and/or Kalel.
  • Pip had his own food, and he tried many times to eat Kabuki's food. Kalel and Anthony put Kabuki's food in another room, away from Pip. Many times, he rejected his food and just wanted Kabuki's food, which was identical to his.
  • There was a popular term within the WULAS world, used affectionately by both fans and Kalel and Anthony, called "Pipacity," which refers to Pip being shown enough on camera for one video. It was usually phrased as "We have reached the pipacity."
  • Many fans that comment post remarks about Pip having more camera time than Kabuki. This is likely unprovable. Fans also post suggestions about Pip having his own YouTube channel, but Kalel nor Anthony have never acknowledged that.
  • Pip loves cat toys and he actively engaged in play with Kalel.
  • Pip has grown a great deal since his debut and his large size is frequently mentioned.
  • Following the end of Anthony and Kalel's relationship, Pip began residing with Anthony. Anthony then needed to permanently give Pip to his friend because he could not give Pip the attention he needed.
  • Pip was last referenced by Kalel on Twitter, after Anthony's Instagram story about Pip, when she said to a tweeter that she wished Anthony would have given her Pip if he could not take him because Pip had been her cat, too. However, the reply was deleted. She later wrote in a YouTube comment that she was livid when she found out Anthony had given Pip to someone else instead of herself.
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