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Spaghetti, gay porn, Naked Twister, Anthony Padilla
The Italian Mafia, Gay People, Racist People

Pierre is a non-recurring character portrayed by Ian Hecox. His only appearance was in I'M NOT RACIST!!! and he stayed with Anthony while lan was in France.

Character Overview

Pierre is lan's French cousin who looks and talks like Hulk Hogan. Anthony mistaken Pierre that he was gay because he was doing very unusual and questionable actions like he was holding Anthony's hand while he was giving him a tour of the house, sharing the same spaghetti with Anthony and looking at gay porn alone in a dark room. After Anthony heard a knock on the door, he looked inside the peeping hole and saw two guys who looked like Richard Simmons carrying a knife and an AK-47 but actually they were the Italian Mafia hunting down Pierre. Anthony questioned Pierre, for he was the reason the Mafia were at the house: Pierre's gambling issue; he just can't say no to Naked Twister. They proceeded to face the Italian Mafia and have a very humorous conversation.


As mentioned earlier he looked and talked like Hulk Hogan, and he wears a red bandana, a red sleeveless shirt, yellow underwear/speedo and some black converse shoes. He has long blonde hair and a mustache.



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