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Phuong is a young man of Asian origins whose grasp of English is so poor that he is only capable of saying the phrases "My name Phuong" and "I can do cartwheel". He appears early in the Smosh franchise and was killed by Anthony Padilla in 1,000,000 Subscribers!!! in 2009. The actor who played him was Bryan Yang.

He actually doesn't have the ability to do cartwheels, he just slams both of his hands onto the ground before twirling his legs in a non-straight motion onto the ground.


Replacement Needed

Anthony and Ian broke up, so they both looked for replacement partners. Ian hired a homicidal gangster named T-Bag while Anthony hired Phuong. Anthony and Ian were trying to shoot the pizza delivery video for days but their partners' bad habits could not allow them to make any progress. Anthony had a problem with Phuong because he doesn't know how to act (or maybe that's what Anthony thinks) and the only thing Phuong was doing was some motions that weren't cartwheels while he keeps saying "I can do cartwheel".


Anthony and Ian were so distressed with their new partners that they reunited. However, their pizza delivery video did not get any views because it was released after T-Bag and Phuong teamed up to steal the video idea from Smosh and turn it into their own. T-Bag and Phuong's video is uploaded on the Smosh website.

T-Bag: Pizza Delivery Boi

In this video, T-Bag plays a pizza delivery "boi" who is bringing a pizza to Phuong. However, a rival pizza gang (played by Smosh) tries to shoot T-Bag and Phuong with their heavy guns. The rival pizza gang, Valentino (Anthony) and Alfredo (Ian) decided to go to the back of Phuong's house and then try to get the secret pizza recipe from T-Bag. Phuong falls for a trap made by the rival pizza gang when they lie that he won a free pepperoni pizza, and that if he opens the door, they'll give the pizza to him.

Alfredo and Valentino decide to knock down the door, then count to three without looking at the door to smash it with their rifles. T-Bag opens it when they charge towards the door, then Alfredo is kicked by Phuong who does a cartwheel. Valentino points a pistol at T-Bag blackmailing him to give him the secret pizza recipe. T-Bag refuses, so Valentino tries to shoot at Phuong, who does a cartwheel, then the bullet bounces back and knocks Valentino onto the ground. Valentino asks, "Who are you??" and Phuong answers, "My name Phuong, motherf*****!"

1,000,000 Subscribers!!!

Ian and Anthony were talking to their viewers that they want to thank them for getting Smosh 1,000,000 subscriptions. However, before they finish talking, Phuong comes in and requests that he take a break because he was making several accounts to subscribe to their channel when his hands were bandaged and bleeding. Anthony refuses and pushes Phuong out the door to negotiate with him. This all happens off-screen. Phuong protests, "PLEASE! I already created 5,000 accounts to suscribe you! PLEASE! Let me go on break!" but Anthony yells, "NO! No break until you make us pass Fred!". Phuong responds, "Then I quit, let me go, let me out of here!!" then Anthony yells, "DAMN IT PHUONG!!. Phoung yells "I CAN DO CARTHWEEL!!" before gunshots are heard. Anthony is seen again with blood stains on his shirt and they request that they are hiring one of the viewers to take over Phuong's position.


  • "My name's Phuong."
  • "I can do cartwheel."
  • "My name Phuong, Motherf*****!"
  • "Excuse me, Mr. Smosh Boys, my hands are hurt from subscribing to you. Can I take a break?"
  • "PLEASE! I already created 5,000 accounts to subscribe you! PLEASE! Let me go on break!"
  • "Then I quit! Let me out of here!"

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