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Peter Peter
Early 20's
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Peter Peter (played by Brian Rife) is a recurring character in the Smosh video series. He has a soft voice and a simple mind. According to himself, his parents were crack addicts.



Peter makes his first appearance when he randomly appears behind Ian and Anthony spying on what they think is a Chinese operative. Peter tells them that he thinks the man is Latino before he introduces himself as Peter. However, Ian and Anthony don't respond, prompting Peter to leave.

Peter's voice is later heard after Ian gives the speech about ideas coming from the heart. Peter was filming a video with a tapeworm coming out of his butt, and holding Ian and Anthony's idea box. Anthony tells Ian he knows what to do, and whispers in Peter's ear. Peter agrees to Anthony's idea, and runs into the street. While Anthony films Peter's new video, Peter gets run over by a car, resulting in his death.

If The Internet Was Real

Peter appears as a fictionalized MySpace founder Tom Anderson in the MySpace segment where he is sitting in the chatroom alone next to a white board with a large number of abandoned chairs. He asks "Is anybody still here?". In deleted scenes, he also contemplates asks someone to kill him and says "F*ck you Zuckerberg!"

THE DITTO - Movie Trailer

Peter appears as one of the scientists in Antarctica in this parody of "The Thing" trailer, though his name is not mentioned in this video. After Ditto killed Ian and assumed his appearance, Peter warns Anthony and the other scientists that "This thing (Ditto) copies its prey" and that "it could be anyone of [them]", saying while pointing a gun at each of the scientists "It could be you, or you, or you (while pointing at Ditto as Ian), or me" where he then puts the gun to his head and says "I hope its not me." Later he is seen talking with Anthony about how there's something different about Ian, but Anthony verifies Ian's identity by asking him who his favorite Pokemon is. Ian responds by saying, "Ditto." which is coincidentally the only thing Ditto is capable of saying. His final appearance in the video is when he goes to fight Ditto armed with a bat that happens to be Ditto in disguise, so Ditto (as the bat) repetitively strikes Peter on the head (looking like he is hitting himself), while Anthony and the girl scientist watch while eating popcorn.


During this video, Peter is now one of Anthony and Ian's friends. While Ian is telling Peter and Anthony about the Death Note, Peter asks if the victims suffocate themselves and tells Ian to prove it by writing his name in the Death Note. Ian asks his first name, and Peter responds "Peter." Then Ian asks his last name, and Peter responds "Peter," again. At first, this confuses Ian and Anthony, but Peter confirms that his full name is indeed Peter Peter because his parents were crack addicts. Five seconds after Ian writes Peter's name, nothing seems to happen. Peter starts to complain before he starts choking. Ian freaks out, realizing there's nothing he can do to stop it, and Peter dies.


Peter was casually walking in the house when he was suddenly shot by Anthony, who was shooting random things to cheer himself up.


After hearing that Ian and Anthony broke up as best friends, Peter asks Ian if he can be his best friend. He says he grew a beard, just like Ian. However, Ian tells him to "f**k off" and shoots Peter in his fallopian tube.


  • "I think he might be Latino"
  • "Hi, my name's Peter"
  • "Great idea!"
  • "You mean, they suffocate themselves?"
  • "Why don't you prove it? Write my name in there!"
  • Ian: "What's your last name?" Peter: "Peter!"
  • Ian: "No, your last name." Peter: "Peter!"
  • Anthony: "So, your full name is Peter Peter?" Peter: "My parents were crack addicts."
  • "I knew you guys were full of sh--" *choking* "MAKE IT STOP!"
  • "Does this mean I can be your BFF now? Look! I even grew a beard just like you!"
  • Ian: "FU*K OFF, PETER!" *shoots Peter* "Ow! My fallopian tube..."


  • Peter has died every episode where his name is mentioned.
  • In HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!, Peter was shot in his fallopian tube, which only females have.
  • His actor, Curtis Lepore, portrayed Pikachu in POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!, however, Pikachu is portrayed by Patrick Egan in all subsequent installments of the Pokemon In Real Life series.
  • It is revealed in the video "REAL DEATH NOTE!", that Peter's first and last name are both Peter because his parents were crack addicts.


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