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Patrick Egan is an actor and production designer from Smosh. He played in various Smosh episodes from 2009 to 2013 and now is only part of the Smosh crew.


Does not appear in all credits

  1. Dixon Cider: Dixon Cider Guy
  2. DISNEY STAR WARS: Jar Jar/Millennium Falcon/Jabba the Hutt
  3. Smosh Vs Zombies: Victim
  4. We're Stuck Together!!!: Dead Janitor
  5. If TV Shows Were Real 2: Chandler
  6. Movies Vs Reality: Extra
  7. 22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist): Head Making Worker #2 / Ian's Friend
  8. Banned Airplane Safety Video: Bathroom Security


  • He was the director for a short titled Cupid and the Bagel Girl.
  • Egan is followed on Instagram by all the main cast from 2015-June 2017 except for Ian and Olivia.