Paper Man of Steel is the first installment for the Shut Up! Cartoons series Paper Cuts.


(The Video is based upon real movie scenes and Trailers)

The Trailer starts up in krypton being destroyed as Jor-El watches and he sends out his son (Kal-El) out to earth. The trailer takes place in a flashback of young Clark kent playing with his dog wearing a red cape as an irony of what he will become later on. Next scene where a bus full of children falls into an ocean while Clark saves them. Next scene where Jonathan Kent reveals Clark's baby shuttle as it transition to him as present clark kent going to the fortress of solitude where he will know who he is and his reason why he's here to protect us and wears the superman suits and flies into space. Next scene are destruction, actions, lens flares and the ending where Lois lane ask about why he has an s symbol on his chest, as he replies "its not an S, on my world it means hope" where "Lois said here its an s, how about sup-" and gets cut up as a tease and then superman punches zod countless of times.

Credit Goofs

Shut Up! Opening

"It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means- SHUT UP! Cartoons."


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