PVP was a show that aired on Smosh Games every Thursday. It replaced Smosh Games Review and was released along with Grand Theft Smosh.

It was a surviving segment that started as a division that occurred at the end of Gamer Nation. Every week, a member of the Smosh Games crew posted the topic of the week on Twitter and asked what should be debated in the week's episode.

The show was axed on December 5, 2013 due to low ratings after only seven episodes. It is the shortest-lived series on Smosh Games only running for a month and a half.


# Name Length Released
1 Super Smash Bros Wannabees 10:37 24 October 2013
2 Dead Space 2 Vs. Dante's Inferno 11:02 31 October 2013
3 Dead Rising 3 Vs. Ryse: Son of Rome 11:20 7 November 2013
4 Kratos Vs. Lo Wang 10:56 14 November 2013
5 WoW or Not to WoW 10:16 21 November 2013
6 Co-op Vs. Competitive Multiplayer 13:22 28 November 2013
7 Will We Ever See Battlefront 3 12:05 5 December 2013
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