PUNISHING EACH OTHER FOR FRIENDSHIP is a Smosh Games video released on October 15, 2019.

Video Description

Our favorite frenemies have to work together in the name of real friendship to win Shift Happens or face an explosive punishment to the face!

What other games should we play to help us get along?


  • Every time one player died, the other was sprayed with spritzer water.

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented saying: "Mom and dad are fighting again....
    So you know what that means! Place your bets now!!!
    " It received over 1.5K likes.
    • Sarah replied: "I bet on Sarah winning no matter what."
  • Sarah commented saying: "This is REALLY gonna “help” our relationship SUUUUUURE" It received over 956 likes.
  • Jovenshire commented saying: "It's good seeing other people get punished on the channel. I like this feeling" It received over 220 likes.
    • Matt Raub replied: "What's that? You want to be on the show soon? OK!"
  • A fan commented: "smosh games has just morphed into everyone bullying each other constantly—and honestly I’m here for it"
    • Sarah replied: "it's just what it's like to work in the Smosh office. soooooo yeah!"
  • One fan commented: "Who's the best ref:
    • Sarah replied: "OH WOW THERE SURE IS A LOT OF LIKES ON THIS ONE! <3"
    • Matt replied: "How many comments can I make?" four times.
  • Another fan commented: ""Daaaaad, if you're divorcing mom, I wanna go with her""
    • Sarah replied: "'good choice."
    • Matt replied: "Yeah but I have all the best toys!"
    • Sarah replied to Matt: "@AtMattRaub I have adorable animals. I win."
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