Ian is Bored 71

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"POSSESSED DOLL IN OUR MAIL?!" is the 71st installment of Ian is Bored.

Video Description:

In this episode, we open even MORE mail! We will survive through this round? Not likely.

Synopsis (incomplete)


Ian sings in a dramatic, staccato voice, ending with a falsetto: "Well, hello; welcome to another Mailtime With Smosh!" The camera alternatively pans between him and Anthony, who is on his phone. The title screen has a different title than the title of the video, saying instead "POSSESSED DOLL IN MY MAIL?!

Opening the mail

Ian is standing with the camera, focusing on the mail and Anthony settling on the floor, possibly feigning excitement about opening the mail. Ian then pans the camera to him and shows more excitement.

During the opening of the mail, humorous comments are given for most gifts. Many gifts are shown:

  • Drawing of Anthony dressed in rainbow clothing surrounded by stick smiles
  • Handmade gaming figures that Ian provides sound effects for and moves so that the game is emulated. He then has one go toward the camera and "eat" the viewer
  • Pencil drawings of all of Smosh's characters' childhood stories, up to that timeframe.
  • Fuchsia flowers that Anthony places on his hat
  • An envelope that has a chunk bitten off and inside a paper from a notebook with a bug smashed in it.
  • A pencil drawing of Anthony's long tongue licking Ian's nipples on his gigantic breasts.
  • A drawing of a large feline from the neck up growling and baring his/her teeth
  • A pencil drawing of a Choose Your Fate game. They find out that Ian will live a bad life and will never find love, which causes them both to "whimper."
  • A piece of paper for Ian with "figgy pudding" written in large handwriting
  • A white piece of paper with Ian @ Anthony written on it in pencil. The handwriting is terrible.
    • It is unclear if this is the same piece of mail, but it is of the same quality, with "drawings" of both Ian and Anthony, but the "drawings" are scribbles.
  • A hand painted Mario artwork featuring the character's likeness from many games.
  • An exaggerated pencil drawing of Ian
  • A pencil drawing of Ian doing his nom-nom face. A flap is in the middle of the mouth that Anthony moves so Ian "says" nom-nom-nom.
  • A drawing done in marker and pencil of That Damn Neighbor and Benny Jean with a large caption in block letters saying "Leave me and my pet flamingo ALONE!"
  • A large troll face drawing with "PROBLEM?" written in impressive block lettering.
  • A plastic spoon with a face drawn on it, which Anthony is amused with after looking at Ian's face through it.
  • A block/pointillism drawing of Anthony, a pink smudge on the left cheek.
  • A rubber dinosaur hat


As of August 2019, the video is the 51st most viewed video on the channel.

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