Pokkén Tournament Showdown

POKKÉN TOURNAMENT SHOWDOWN is the 182nd episode of Smosh Game Bang and was released on March 25, 2016.


We're playing Pokken Tournament! It's Tekken meets Pokemon - and the losers have to dress up as Pokemon and get DUNKED!


The bottom three have to dress up as Pokemon and sit on a dunk tank whilst the winner through Poké balls to try and dunk them.


  • =1st - Sohinki (4 pts)
  • =1st - Wes (4 pts)
  • =3rd - Flitz (3 pts)
  • =3rd - Lasercorn (3 pts)
  • 5th - Mari (1 pt)
  • 6th - Jovenshire (0 pts)


  • A tie breaker round had to be played between Flitz and Lasercorn as both had three points. Flitz won, meaning Lasercorn had to face the punishment.
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