Pokkén Tournament was uploaded on April 5, 2016. It is the 92nd Honest Trailer.


From the developers of adorable creature cage-fighting games comes the franchise spin-off so obvious it's unbelievable it took 15 years to come out: Pokkén Tournament!

Step into the King of Pocket Fist Tournament, where you'll pitch your favorite childhood monsters against each other in real-time combat and be the very best like no one ever spamming the cheapest move you can find like it's going out of style.

Get ready for the most original game in the Pokémon franchise since Pokémon Snap as Game Freak takes half of the Naruto-style 3D arena fighter, and half of a traditional 2D fighting game, adds a dash of Marvel Vs Capcom, and just kinda throws 'em all together...but somehow comes up with a pretty competent fighting game anyway!...that doesn't play anything remotely like Tekken.

Prepare to battle your Pokémon in the Ferrum League, a region that seems to completely ignore the rules of the rest of the Pokémon universe, as you fight one Pokémon through a series of battles with other Trainers also fighting using only one Pokémon, like all the Bug Catchers and Psychic kids went and formed their own union.

Dive into the colorful and extremely tiny roster of the Ferrum league and choose from some of your favorite monsters of all generations such as...the lovable mascot Pikachu, the original fighting Pokemon Machamp, the ferocious Charizard...a wizard fox?...a laser dog?...another Pikachu?...and a chandelier!

Really? Of all the 720 Pokémon they picked a light fixture? What are you smoking, Nintendo?

Experience Pokémon on Pokémon action more brutal than you've ever seen it before, with gameplay that still plays like Baby's First Fighting Game as complicated motions are thrown out for simple directional commands and you can pull of crazy combos and devastating attacks by mashing a single button...if you can see anything under the constant onslaught of particle effects. Then build up your gauge and unleash Support Pokémon to help when you're in a pinch...or don't, because they're basically useless. Except for Magikarp. Magikarp's alright.

(footage of Magikarp using Splash)

Immerse yourself in the ankle-deep puddle that is the Story mode where you'll play battle after battle with absolutely no narrative, except for the random dude you stomp who really want to tell you something afterwards, until you finally climb to the top of your current League, and earn the right to get stomped by Shadow Mewtwo in a supposed-to-lose fight in a story experience so lazy it makes the normal Pokémon stories look like The Witcher III.

(footage of Witcher III bath scene)

Once you've blasted your way through the hundreds of offline battles in the paper-thin story mode, take your game online...and get immediately destroyed by everyone. Then realize that the incredibly easy AI you'v been playing this whole time has set you up to fail as people who actually know how to play fighting games body you up and down the arena.

Aw really? Do you really have to put my win-loss record out there like that? Even Street Fighter doesn't do that!

So bust out your abridged Pokédex, Synergize with your Synergy Stone, and play the Pokémon fighting games we've always deserved! Because there's no other way to find out how awesome it is to Stone Cold Stunner someone with a Pikachu!

(footage of Pikachu Libré's Burst Attack)


Ray Mousterio Jr. (Pikachu Libré)

Furry Hermione (Braixen)

Sharknado (Garchomp)

Miss Cleo (Gardevoir)

If Goro Had Sex With a Bird (Machamp)

Drogan (Charizard)

Dog Jesus (Lucario)

Scary Meowth (Weavile)

Not Mexican Pikachu

Slimer (Gengar)

Diamond Dog (Suicune)

Harem Pants (Blaziken)

Gex (Sceptile)

A F@#king Chandelier (Chandelure)


You Should Get That Checked Out (Shadow Mewtwo)

Furry UFC.

Throw on a sick vest...get some awesome lighting behind me...and I'm ready to get beat up online!

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