Jigglypuff Encounter

Ash (thoughts): Now that I got a Pokéflute, I can finally wake up that Snorlax and get him to...

(Ash saw a Jigglypuff and was surprised)

Ash (talking out): Aw, sweet! A new Pokémon!

(Jigglypuff spotted Ash)

Ash: You're mine!

(As Ash was about to throw the Pokéball, Jigglypuff put Ash to sleep using sing while saying its name and drew on Ash's face while he's asleep)

151 seconds later

(Ash wakes up with the drawing on him and an old man passed by)

Ash: Hey! What the hell just happened?

Old man: Oh, that Jigglypuff put you to sleep with his song.

Ash: How did that crappy song put me to sleep?

Old man: You think just because I'm old, I know everything? Wipe that crap off your face, you freaking jackass! God, none of these kids know anything about the rules of taking your shoes off before you pass out.

Ash: (looks at the Pokémirror and sees the drawing which he sees the marker, wipes it off, and gets angry) HEY, GET BACK HERE!

(Jigglypuff starts putting Ash to sleep with the song)

Ash: (feels dizzy) Oh, crap! (falls asleep)

Some time later

(Ash wakes up with a drawing of a penis on his right cheek)

Ash: Son of a bitch!

(Metrosexual Hipster appeared)

Hipster: Hey, you little jerk, I want a rematch!

Ash: Not now!

(Hipster sees the drawing and laughs)

Ash: What!

Hipster: Nothing. (Still laughs) Oh man, my friends from Palitown will love this! (Still laughs and leaves)

(Ash sees Jigglypuff behind a bush)

Ash: (sees a piece of granite and starts to throw it) Take this! (Throws it at Jigglypuff and gets it dizzy) All right Jigglypuff, you're mine!

Wild Encounter

(Ash encounters Jigglypuff)

Ash: Go get him Pikachu!  (Throws a Pokéball)

Pikachu: (Comes out of the ball) Pikachu!

(Ash chooses Thunderbolt.)

Ash: Okay Pikachu use Thunderb--

(Jigglypuff uses Sing and puts Ash and Pikachu to sleep)

Some time later

(Ash wakes up noticing he is sleeping with Pikachu)

(Hipster comes by taking pictures of Ash and laughing)

Ash: No! It's not what it looks like!

Hipster: Right!  (Laugh then walks away)  Oh man, this is totally going on my Tumblr!

Ash: Pikachu, wake up!

(Pikachu is still asleep)

Ash: (thinks for a moment)  All right myself, use Kick!

(Ash kicks Pikachu which woke him up)

Pikachu: Pika!

(Ash chooses Thunderbolt)

Ash: All right Pikachu, hit it with a Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: (Flips Ash off) Pi! Pikachu! (Shoots a spark of lightning and hits Jigglypuff to the red zone)

(Ash chooses a Pokéball)

Ash: All right, Jigglypuff, I've got you now! (Throws a Pokéball at Jigglypuff, but he tries to escape) No! (Tries to hold the ball) Stupid Jigglypuff! (Struggles) Stay in the ball! (Grabs some duck tape and laughs while taping the ball) Gotcha, you little pink bitch! (Caught Jigglypuff) All right!


(Old man passes by)

Old man: Nice job, dick face.

(Ash pulls out his Pokémirror and sees the drawing)

Ash: AW SH*T!

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