PLAYING CUPHEAD WITH CUPS OF WATER is a Smosh Games series debut called Damien Breaks Games. It stars Damien Haas playing Cuphead.

Video Description

"Today, I’m playing #Cuphead, a challenging game that I’m playing with an even more challenging controller! Can cups of water replace a controller for Cuphead? I guess we’re about to find out…"


Damien played through two levels, a 'Run and Gun', where he died 6 times before completing it, and a Boss Level, where he died 4 times before completing it.

Challenging Controller

Instead of using a regular game controller, Damien used various cups of water connected to the game, with him sticking his fingers into the water, completing the circuit, acting as the controller.


  • The video was originally called: 'Hacking a Game with Water? - Damien Breaks Cuphead'
  • The video's original thumbnail shows Damien wearing a light blue t-shirt, whereas the t-shirt is actually white in the video.
  • Damien's insistence of "that one didn't count" stems from his twitch streams, where saying that he's had zero deaths, despite dying many times, is a common occurrence.

Fan Interaction

  • Damien posted "To defeat the cup, you must first BECOME the cup. What did y'all think?? Want to see more of this? DO I NEED MORE TRAINING???!" It was pinned and liked by Smosh Games, and received over 430 likes.
  • A fan commented saying: 'I love Damien’s narrations, he’s such a good voice actor!
    This is such a cool concept too!'
    • Damien replied: 'Thank you!!! Hope to bring you guys more of this stuff soooooon. :)'
  • Another fan said: 'How high were you when u thought of this😂🤔
    It's so stupid but also BRILLIANT👏🤣'
    • Damien replied saying: 'None high. NONE.'
  • One fan said: 'Can I just say how much I love Damien? #NotificationSquad'
    • Damien responded with: 'D'awww shucks. I'll allow it. You can say that.'
  • Another fan commented: 'Clever Corps we moving up! Dames has his own show!'
    • Damien replied: 'Hope you guys like it!!! It's not like I've tied the entirety of my self worth to it... or anything...or whatever....'
  • A fan said: 'Damien Haas, still promoting Hydration while gaming.
    Also, why is there a death counter? #ZeroDeaths'
    • Damien replied: 'Hydration Bot owns me now.'
  • Another fan commented: 'Smosh games is so different now
    And I like it'
    • Damien replied with: 'Had me in the first half, not gonna lie!'
  • On fan commented: 'Cant watch it now because I'm at work, but I saved it for later!! I'm always excited when a new video comes out!!'
    • Damien replied: 'Good luck at work!'
  • Another fan said: 'No one:
    Half the comments:First
    It is actually really annoying'
    • Damien replied saying: 'Welcome to YouTube, Jamie Jones.'
  • A fan commented: 'Damien: "Clap your hands if you believe"
    Me: claps hands
    Phone smacks on face'
    • Damien replied: 'Womp womp.'
  • Several fans said how much they are loving the individual shows and that Damien had his own individual show, to which Damien replied "Thanks."
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