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"She's a badass. Put that on her wiki page: she's a badass."
—Mari, about Olivia[src]

Olivia Mu Sui (穗亩, pronounced 'Sway'; born August 14, 1993[1]) is a Chinese-American actress and regular Smosh cast member. She was officially added to the Smosh cast in March of 2015. While also consistently acting on Smosh Main Channel, she has also written and co-written many sketches over the years, including "BREAKING NEWS: BRAD IS MISSING" and "HOW TO NOT PISS OFF ASIAN PEOPLE" She is part of the Smosh Squad and was a co-host of Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover with Courtney Miller until the series was cancelled. Before joining Smosh, she appeared in episodes of multiple TV series including Weeds, Warzone and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Throughout her Smosh career, she's been cast in outside projects including Scream Queens, Yappie, Foundher, and many other in Post-Production.

On July 28, 2017, it was announced in What's going on with Smosh?! that Courtney and Olivia would again be hosting a series together, this time called Whoa! Nature Show. The show premiered on August 16, 2017, but was shelved after only a few episodes. They've since discussed why they couldn't continue such shows on the SmoshCast.

As of March 12, 2020, Olivia has a self-run podcast called Fish Cheeks, where she brings on various guests- primarily PoC- to discuss many different important topics.

Smosh credits


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Every Quarantine Ever March 23, 2020
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Video Released
Friendsgiving Potluck, but cursed! (Eat It or Yeet It) November 16, 2021
What Would Olivia Do? December 2, 2021



  • Olivia was born in China and moved to the United States with her family when she was two. (Reference Needed)
  • Regarding her family:
    • She has one younger half-sister named Melanie. (Reference Needed)
    • Olivia loves her mother very much, and she can often be seen in Olivia's Instagram stories. (Reference Needed)
    • In "I COULDN'T RIDE A BIKE UNTIL I WAS 13" Olivia revealed that up until her teenage years, she had a distant and awkward relationship with her father, who was often working overseas and never had time to bond with her. Their first real bonding experience came when she was thirteen, when he spent an afternoon teaching her to ride a bike for her role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Originally, she thought she would hate it, but it instead ended up being one of her happiest memories to date and a milestone for the relationship between her and her dad.
  • Olivia is a professionally trained ballet and contemporary dancer, and dances for a non-profit dance company. (Reference Needed)
  • Olivia had a longtime boyfriend named James Law, as revealed in one of the Lunchtime with Smosh vlogs when she went through the last photo she sent out. It was a Snapchat picture of her crying; she stated it was sent because she missed her boyfriend. James is a photographer and began dating Olivia in 2014.
    • He was frequently seen on Olivia's Instagram stories.
    • Olivia once mentioned that James sometimes called her "Conkita"[2]. (Timestamp needed)
    • In April 2018, rumors were circulating that James and Olivia had broken up. The rumors spread further after Olivia deleted her most recent photo of James and both unfollowed the other on Instagram. Olivia confirmed the breakup during the video OPENING 6 YEAR OLD CHICK-FIL-A SAUCE!.
    • On May 3, 2018, it was revealed on Instagram that she is now dating Sam Lerner, an actor who works with Shayne on The Goldbergs. In the 2018 video OUR FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EACH OTHER, Shayne confirmed that he not only set Sam and Olivia up, but had deliberately stopped them from meeting one another while they were both in other relationships, as he was convinced they were too well-matched to ever just be friends.[3]
  • It was revealed in Hot Tub Truth or Dare that Olivia had yet to pay a large number of her driving tickets before that point, resulting in her driving license being suspended and a warrant being out for her arrest. (Reference Needed)
  • On her Instagram in December 2016, Olivia revealed that she would be coming out with a jewelry line called "LIV by Olivia Sui". As of December 2019, the jewelry line has not been released. (Reference Needed)
  • Olivia recently fostered, then later adopted a puppy during Quarantine, and named her Grizzy.
  • She and her boyfriend Sam Lerner have been in multiple sketches together, including Every Quarantine Ever, and Every Self Care Day Ever.
  • Olivia was credited as "Korean Teenager" in the sixth episode of Season 9 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, "Say Uncle".
    • Specifically, she portrayed the girl riding a bicycle at the start of the episode (even though she has admitted that she does not know how to ride a bike in real life). She went into detail about this role in "I COULDN'T RIDE A BIKE UNTIL I WAS 13".


  • Olivia has been consistently designated the "weirdest member of Smosh". (Reference Needed)
    • She once addressed Youtube comments that asked if she was high whenever shooting The Show w/ No Name!, assuring everyone that she was not taking anything and that she was legitimately being herself.
    • Olivia is also somewhat the "baby" of the group, despite not being the youngest; the rest of the Smosh Family are very protective of her and occasionally give her special treatment above other members.
  • Olivia is a huge fan of the shows Homeland and Narcos.
  • On her personal YouTube channel, Olivia has been known to say "I'm sure in a past life I was a squirrel". (Reference Needed) She also believes that her spirit animal is a frog.[4]
  • Olivia is very scared of water and did not learn how to swim for many years. In 2018, it was confirmed that she had been going to swimming lessons with Ashley Ukleja, and she subsequently proved herself to be able to swim short distances. (Reference Needed)
    • Olivia is also very scared of bugs, especially ones that fly, as shown in NOAH'S TOP 5 WORST FOODS EVER when she and the rest of the Smosh Squad had to eat a bug.
    • In particular, Olivia is known to have an intense fear of butterflies. This was explored in "Olivia Faces Her Fear of Butterflies", in which she is trapped in a room filled with butterfly paraphernalia, including real butterflies. Towards the end of that video, however, she began feeling more comfortable around them.(Reference Needed)
  • It has been mentioned several times in videos and even in a Smosh Cast that she a huge germophobe.


  • During her first year as a Smosh cast member (as well as intermittently later on), Olivia was frequently confused with Mari Takahashi.
    • Though some fans often mixed up the two, Olivia is actually Chinese-American and Mari is Japanese-American. Mari also has a darker skin tone than Olivia.
    • Most of the Smosh Family have made jokes about the confusion between Mari and Olivia at some point in time, though many have also said that they actually can't tell why some viewers think they look alike.
    • Poking fun at this, Olivia and Mari co-hosted an episode of Gametime with Smosh Games, in which they play Slender: The Arrival. They also brought up the comparison in "HOW TO NOT PISS OFF ASIAN PEOPLE", a video they worked on together, and during a Q-and-A video filmed for Olivia's channel in 2019.
  • Olivia has a reputation of being the best at card games out of the Smosh cast. This should, however, be taken with a grain of salt for the following reasons:
    • In the Game Bang episode "SMOSH AGAINST HUMANITY", Joven and Olivia both ended the game with four cards above all else. Despite this, Sohinki refused to acknowledge that Joven "tied for first," implying by that logic that Olivia did not receive first either.
    • In the Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover episode "BUCKET OF DOOM W/ THE SMOSH SQUAD," most ties were settled by Sunny Peabody weighing in a final decision. For the final round, however, the Squad gave Olivia the point she needed to win the game, despite her and Noah tying in the final round with two votes each.
  • Olivia is the only competitor in Smosh Seasonal Games to have received the award for MVP twice.
    • Her second time winning the award (during Smosh Summer Games: Camp) was controversial amongst Smosh viewers, many of whom believed that there were others who had deserved it more than her.
    • By default, Olivia is also the only player to have been awarded MVP twice in a row.
  • In Smosh Summer Games: We Blew It!, the four female Smosh members each modified their team shirts to match their individual styles. Olivia tied her shirt in a knot in front, effectively shortening it.
  • During the interim between the shutdown of Defy Media and the acquisition of Smosh by Mythical Entertainment, Olivia was revealed to be shooting a movie.[5]
  • In TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE - BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL, she (supposedly) flashed Keith.
  • In later Smosh videos, Olivia began frequently wearing a purple and pink tracksuit, which Damien referred to as her "Smosh Pit outfit" in Eat it or Yeet It Episode 9.


  • Olivia has two first names, something common amongst Chinese families who live in Western countries. Her Chinese name is Mu, and her English name is Olivia.[6]
    • Following China's traditional naming format, Olivia's full Chinese name is Sui Mu.
    • "Mu" is a unisex name, roughly translating to either "wood" or "admired".
    • Olivia has confirmed that her Chinese name also serves as her official middle name.
    • Courtney has been known to refer to Olivia by her full name as a joke, notably in "TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE 12 w/ JUJIMUFU".
  • Olivia is incredibly ticklish. (Reference Needed)
  • Olivia is allergic to mosquito bites. (Reference Needed)
  • Olivia has said that if she had pursued a different career, she would have wanted to be a teacher — something she still thinks about doing.[7]
  • Olivia's personal fandom is referred to as "Life's a Party, You're a Boy", which is now used by many fans as a catchphrase-based reference to her.
    • The phrase comes from a song Olivia made up as part of an improv class that she took with other members of the Smosh Squad. (Reference Needed)
    • In Courtney & Olivia Play 2 Truths 1 Lie it was revealed that.
    • She has a sister raccoon named Uni or Oni her albino raccoon friend. Courtney would say oh it's your sister.
    • She once learned how to play diabolo at Washington square park with a kid name Romeo. The stick game not the video game.
    • In Work wife VS work Hubby: who knows me best? It was Noah vs Olivia to see who knows Keith best. It was revealed that she is a bad driver or at least doesn't pay attention. She has run out of gas a few times. She ran out of gas at a red light with both Keith and Noah in the car.
    • In Real boyfriend vs Work Boyfriend.
      • Her annoying onset habit is eating a little bites of food then living them out. Shayne said that he has seen her taken a small bite of Cheetos and leave it out.
      • If she was a rapper she would be Drake because she's the greatest of all time. Referring that she thinks Drake is the GOAT.
      • The thing that annoys her about Shayne is that he's always right.
      • The things that annoys her about Sam (boyfriend) is that he's too nice.
      • Her biggest turnoff when trying to get in the mood is John Oliver.
      • Her favorite teddy bear's name is Oliver. Sam mentions he calls her Oliver because it fun.
      • Her coffee order is ice coffee with soy milk.
      • She thinks that the worst trait in a person is selfishness but she agrees with Sam and Shayne that she doesn't like two-faced or dishonest but they were both technically wrong.
      • She refers to herself as mama a lot probably.
      • She thinks that Noah is the funniest Smosh member. She just thinks that he says the weirdest things.