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Oishi Origins was a three part spin-off mini-series (and counted as the thirteenth cartoon to air on Shut Up! Cartoons) about the origin story of Oishi Kawaii. It aired as a follow up for Oishi High School Battle. The series ran from September 28 to October 12, 2012. It was later replaced by Teleporting Fat Guy.


Teenage years are rough when you're the daughter of a space demon hunter -- Join Oishi as she tries her best to fit in at an Earth High School every Friday right here on Shut Up! Cartoons.

Theme Song

The theme song is performed by the band Blood On The Dance Floor.

Oishi Kawaii, demon slayer

Oishi High School Battle

With a dog named Noodles by her side

Together in high school

Oishi's dad was bad at slaying And one day he got fired

The adventure starts when the first bell rings

The kids think she is super cool!



Oishi High School Battle!

Characters (Main Characters)

Oishi Kawaii

Oishi Kawaii (大石・可愛い) is the main character of the series. Oishi is a demon hunter and the successor to her father, who was also a demon hunter but got fired because he's terrible at it. She is the new student in the high school, where she has no idea how Earth customs even work. Her weapon of choice are two kunais and she has the ability to shoot lasers out of her breasts. In Japanese, Oishi's name is spelled in Kanji, in the opening sequence, as "大石", meaning 'larger boulder' or 'great stone'. This given name is either a misnomer or likely a pun on the common Japanese expression, 'Oishī' (in Japanese: 美味しい), meaning 'tasty' or 'delicious'. Such practice of giving characters names that are puns on other words is exceedingly common in Japanese manga. Her last name, 'Kawaii' (in Japanese: 可愛い), means 'cute'.


Noodles (ヌードルス "Nudorusu") is Oishi's blue dog. Noodles has been seen to have the ability to poop marshmallows and literally steal the souls of everyone who pets him. Noodles follows Oishi everywhere and everyone that passes by says that Noodles is cute, but not before Noodles does things to those people, such as stealing a girl's soul and eating Anthony and pooping him back out shaped like a marshmallow. Noodles's cute dog act is a battle tactic also, as Oishi commands him to act cute to entice even the most evil of demons. Noodles does not speak English, he speaks Japanese and he appears to be quite amorous. It is confirmed on Facebook that "Noodles has no true birthday, he was born in a realm outside of time".


Ryuzu is Oishi's alcoholic father. He used to work as a demon slayer and was one of the best during his time, but then was fired after neglecting his duties, which caused theKitten planet to be destroyed, a planet he was supposed to be protecting. Ryuzu was offered another demon slaying job but didn't accept it because Oishi didn't want to move. He is dating Ms. Hooper (Oishi's literature instructor).


The series received mostly positive reviews.


  1. The Greatest Warrior: "(fart) My dad is the greatest demon hunter of all (fart)."
  2. The Helping Hand: "This guy? He doesn't look strong enough to pick up my sword."
  3. The Ceremony: "Will you be my friend?!"

List of Episodes

  1. The Greatest Warrior (Oishi Origins #1) (5:24) September 28, 2012
  2. The Helping Hand (Oishi Origins #2) (4:29) October 5, 2012
  3. The Ceremony (Oishi Origins #3) (5:24) October 12, 2012