Overwatch is the 100th installment of Honest Game Trailers. It was released May 31, 2016.


From the developer of games (Blizzard) (clips of Heroes of the Storm are shown) that are as addictive as street level heroin comes the first original IP Blizzard has produced since The Lost Vikings. Seriously.


Welcome to the insanely colorful T for Teen world of Overwatch, where cybernetically enhanced warriors from all over the world gather to fight for running next to carts, standing around next to places, and shooting each other with rockets. (D.Va and Tracer are capturing the point in Temple of Anubis) Yep, really making a difference here.

Get ready for the first person shooter that was already successful before it even came out, and suit up for character based FPS gameplay the likes of which you've never seen before. (Clips of Team Fortress 2 are shown) Unless you've played Team Fortress 2, because it's pretty much that. As Blizzard takes the scraps of their aborted MMO idea, combines them with TF2's gameplay, adds a light dash of MOBA tropes and a handful of waifu bait, and polishes it to their trademark mirror sheen with gameplay so good it threatens to crush the genre competition entirely. (Clips of Battleborn are shown) Huh? Battle-what now?

Accept the call alongside the eclectic agents of Overwatch, special team of technologically enhanced superheroes (Genji, McCree and Zarya), advanced robotic killing machines (Zenyatta and Bastion), and a monkey (Winston).

Once persecuted for the collateral damage caused by by their interventions as they return to... (Clip of D.Va shooting up an arcade) do exactly what they did before, in a plotline that's pretty much The Incredibles with a lot more murder, as this mishmash of heroes mixes it up in temples, cafes, movie theaters, movie sets, ancient temples, and Mexican residences each fighting for their own code of justice I don't know, they haven't been clear about that yet, but I'm sure it's a super good reason to shoot people.

Experience the depth of Overwatch's fluid character system where players can switch heroes at will to counter their opponents and unleash deadly synergies with their teammates but will just pick an attacker and run in separate directions instead as you shoot, blast, push, slice, hook, and freeze your way through the standard FPS modes featuring... Escort, where you guard an impossibly slow cart; Assault, where you capture or defend a point; And Control, where your team must hold an area and get Ult-ed by Hanzo. Then switch it up with Arcade mode where you'll do those same three things but with a weekly twist that throws balance out the window as you fight battle after battle all to obtain loot boxes full of cosmetics that make you feel like you actually accomplished something. Unless you get a bunch of voice packs and you just feel like garbage.

Prepare for the plethora of strategies that Overwatch's character diversity provides as you choose from a variety of real dick moves to perpetrate on your enemies such as... Pushing people off the map, hiding turrets next to the payload, reflecting people's ultimates back at them, nasty ability combos, resurrecting your whole team and the worst of all...picking Bastion. (Reinhart is eliminated by Bastion) You can eat a bag of dicks, Bastion.

So slide into your skintight leggings, grab those future guns, and get ready for the role based shooter that will have you suddenly realizing it's 4 AM, and you're supposed to be at work 20 hours ago. Ah, f*ck it. One more match.


Edgelord (Reaper), Robo Dead Redemption (McCree), Gundam Wing (Pharah), "Just like one of my Japanese animes!" (Genji), Booty had me like... (Tracer), CoD Blops (Soldier: 76), Git Gud (Bastion), Ryuu ga waga teki go f!#k yourself (Hanzo), Crocodile Dun-Messedup (Junkrat), Boo Berry (Widowmaker), Tim The Turret Man Taylor (Torbjorn), Chellmetra (Symmetra), "I must break you" (Zarya), The Iron Giant (Reinhart), Birdie (Roadhog), Dr. Zaius (Winston), Twitch Streamer (D.Va), Drops the Beats by Dre (Lucio), The Medic (Mercy), Android Krillin (Zenyatta), and Mei is Bae.

Bend Overwatch

I swear if I have to watch one more Play of the Game with Bastion or Torbjorn hammering a turret, I'm gonna go apesh*t! No, I don't mean picking Winston.

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