OUR SECRETS LIKES AND DISLIKES is an episode of the Smosh Games series SmoshVentures and was released on June 23, 2018.  


We were stuck in a hotel so we decided to play likes & dislikes! Can you guess who wrote down what?!

Likes & Dislikes

Member Likes Dislikes
Boze The word: Pavilion College Ruled Paper
Pop music from 1995-2005 Cold weather
Clean Socks Dirty floors
Smooth ballpoint pens Folded chips
Buying things I don't need
Damien Spicy Mayo Bears
The smell of fresh crayons Being barefoot on tiles
Head scratches Corn on the cob
Cold Pillows Grease and Grease 2
Static shocks Cotton balls
Jovenshire The Industrial Revolution Mari's Bohemian phase
Showering and then pooping Losing a sock, throwing the other sock away, and then finding the lost sock
Top-down turn-based strategy games Falling asleep with the TV on.
Rise Against Actors getting cast in a Voice Over Role and not changing their tone for the character
Philadelphia rolls Surrounded by people doing really good Karaoke
Mari Cooking decorating videos Tapioca
Documentaries about cults Cat litter and how cats dig around in their poop then walk around your apartment and on your face like they haven't been touching their poops.
Succulents cuz they're had to kill Uneven drawers
Life hack videos Toe socks
Dim Sum in my tum Fire drills
Wes Free food Food poisoning from food you love
Going to sleep at 8AM People who set dishes in the sink without rinsing them
Cookie dough, more than cookies The warm side of a pillow
Sleeping with a teddy bear Cold weather without snow
Fudge-striped cookies


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