OUR PROBLEMS REVEALED is the installment of Game Bang released on December 29, 2017. It was initially designed as the first half to a two-part episode centering around the game You've Got Problems! However, Flitz's resignation from Smosh Games the week after this aired following allegations against him caused the channel to never release the second half of this, making it the only incomplete Game Bang in Smosh Games history.


Every player except the judge draws three white cards and three black cards (fresh hands each round, no carryover from before). Players first take turns choosing two white cards to try and create the perfect life for the judge. After everyone has done this, players assign black cards to each other designed to ruin their previously presented paradise. In this way gameplay is similar to other games done on the channel - including Superfight, Red Flags, and Funemployed. Unlike those games, hoever, you are not limited to assigning your black card to a specific opponent. Instead, you may give it to whomever you choose, provided no one else gave them one and they are not the same player who gave you a black card. Whichever life the judge prefers after this sabotage earns the corresponding player one point.


The punishment would have had the player with the least amount of points receive something they love and have it ruined. Not much else is known about the punishment, other than the thing they loved was something Boze loved more than anyone else.


Round One

  • Judge: Damien
  • Winner: Wes

Round Two

  • Judge: Boze
  • Winner: Mari

Round Three

  • Judge: Joven
  • Winner: Boze

Fan Interaction

  • Boze commented saying: 'LAAAAAADIIIIESSS!!!!' It received over 1.1K likes.
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