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OUR PHOTOS EXPOSED! is the 164th installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on November 13, 2015 on both smosh.com and YouTube.


Jovenshire, Sohinki, Mari, Wes, Flitz and Lasercorn get personal in a tabletop game of Camera Roll.


Each player has their phone with them to quickly access their photo/video gallery. During each round, one player serves as a judge. The judge draws a card form the deck and reads the prompt on it. Prompts range from relatively specific (ex: "Award") to broad (ex: "What I'd want to be stuck on a Desert Island with"). Every other player has 30 seconds to find a photo or video on their phone that they think answers the prompt, say "Done" and put their phone faced-down on the table (Note: the player must say "done" before the 30 seconds are up but can put their phone down slightly afterwards to avoid the need for slamming).

Afterwards, each player presents their submission and explains why they think it fits the prompt. The judge then chooses whether to accept the submission as something that fits the prompt; every player whose submission is accepted gets 1 point. The judge then chooses which of those submissions is his favorite; that player receives an extra point.


Whoever finishes with the least points will leave their phone in the room for 30 seconds while the winners take photos with it..


  • 1st place: Lasercorn (19 pts)
  • 2nd place: Sohinki (16 pts)
  • 3rd place: Mari (14 pts)
  • 4th place: Jovenshire and Flitz (11 pts)
  • Last place: Wes (8 pts)


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