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OUR NEW STUDIO TOUR is a Smosh Games video released on April 10, 2019. It is the first Smosh Games video recorded after the closure of Defy Media and marks the return of the channel since its last video in December 2018.


SMOSH GAMES IS BACK! Join us for a tour around our BRAND NEW studio!


Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'Just a heads up: The mannequin that Mari was touching is filing charges.' It received over 1.6K likes.
    • Damien replied saying: 'Lasercorn, you were in charge of silencing him!!' It received over 60 likes
  • The Valleyfolk commented saying: 'Challenge you to hop-scotch', receiving over 140 likes.
  • Smosh Games tweeted that Damien was in the comments for 30 minutes to respond to fan comments.
    • One fan commented 'WE WANT BOARD AF! (But seriously, it's great to finally have you back!)', to which Damien replied saying: 'We shall not disappoint you.'
    • Another commented 'Lasercorn is already bringing back the bad puns, love it', with Damien replying 'And the chaos, don't forget the chaos.'
    • A fan commented 'Why is Damien so fluffy? wHY IS HE SO F L U F F Y?????!!!!!' and Damien replied saying: 'My floof cannot be contained. It's from birth.'
    • Another fan commented saying: '(Smosh in a nutshell) Infinity war: defy media shuts down, Endgame: Everyone comes back', with Damien replying: 'Shayne is still dust, though. Working on it.'