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ONE LETTER OFF VIDEO GAMES is a video from Season 2017 released April 28, 2017.


What if your favorite video games were one letter off? Games like Assassin's Creed, Pokemon, The Sims, Hitman, Counter Strike, and more would never be the same.

Assassin's Creed/Assasin's Creep

OLO Video Games Assassin's Creep-0.png
Desmond getting creeped out.
A guy is taking pictures of Desmond Miles, who is getting creeped out.


OLO Video Games Counterstroke.png
A burglar rubbing a kitchen counter.
A burglar is seen rubbing a kitchen table as the announcer says, "Counter-Terrorists win!"

The Sims/The Tims

OLO Video Games The Tims.png
The Tims.
Tim Hagar, Tim Brady, Tim Robert, and Tim Flech introduce themselves. Tim Hagar says he sometimes goes by Timothy, and the other Tims stab him.

Call Of Duty/Call Off Duty

OLO Video Games Call Off Duty.png
A solider gets ranked up to "Lazy Bastard".
A solider fakes being sick so he can't command a war. The player earns 50 points for lying, ranked up to "Lazy Bastard", and an achievement called "Disgrace to Our Country".

Duck Hunt/Dick Hunt

OLO Video Games Dick Hunt.png
A man finds his dick.
A man looks at his pants and says, "Found it! It was in my pants the whole time!"

Pokémon/Poke Men

OLO Video Games Poke Men.png
The player poking a man.
A player keeps poking men, filling his Poke Meter. The player then pokes a girl, causing a game over.

Mortal Kombat/Mortal Wombat

OLO Video Games Mortal Wombat.png
The Mortal Wombat music video.
A wombat asks his dad if he will live forever, but he says no, and a music video plays.

Super Smash Bros./Super Smosh Bros.

OLO Video Games Super Smosh Bros.png
"We're not brothers."
Anthony says he and Ian aren't brothers.


OLO Video Games Shitman.png
Shitman correcting his mane as "Shiteman".
During a roll call, a teacher calls S--tman, but he says his name is "Shiteman", because it's danish The teacher then calls Robert Penishugger, who then corrects it to "Penis-Hugger III"

Sonic The Hedgehog/Sonic The Hedge Ho

OLO Video Games Sonic the Hedge Ho.png
A prostitute about to hop Anthony.
A man steps out of a car, and a female prostitute wants him to hop in the hedges. The man says no, but the prostitute comes after him.


  • This video marks the last time Anthony played the main character from the game franchise, Assassins Creed.
  • Anthony portrayed two characters in this video, a random guy and the main character from Assasian's Creed. Both characters were harassed by perverts, one a male and one a female.
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