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ONE LETTER OFF TV SHOWS is a Smosh video uploaded on February 11, 2017.


The TV Shows we know and love are slightly different with one letter off...

Full House/Fall House

The Tanners all fell down.

When Danny Tanner (Anthony) enters his house and calls his family for meeting time, he tumbled down to the ground. Every member of the Tanner Family walks in as they say their respective catchphrases, then they fall down, especially Michelle, who falls into the stairs.


A horse grazing.

A horse is shown grazing in a meadow.

Saturday Night Live/Saturday Might Live

The couple checking on their daughter, Saturday.

A young couple (Ian and Courtney) is in the ICU unit of the hospital. The doctor (Anthony) tells them that their daughter, Saturday, is in critical condition, but that she might live, relieving the couple. Immediately after, the flatline sound plays on Saturday's heart monitor, and the doctor says "Never mind." as he walks away.

Stranger Things/Stranger Thongs

Barb wonders whose thong she's wearing.

Nancy and Barb (Ian and Anthony) are walking through a park at night. Barb thanks Nancy for letting him wear her thong, only for Nancy to tell Barb that she doesn't wear thongs. After Nancy nervously asks whose thong it is, a naked man (Wess) jumps out of some bushes and says "it's mine", then identifies himself as a stranger.

The Wire/Then Wire

"Then WIRE you crying?"

A woman is crying in the dining room of her house. Her husband asks her what's wrong, and she replies that she's fine. The husband asks "Then wire you crying?". The couple smiles and holds up their thumbs as the end credits play.

Teen Wolf/Tween Wolf

Tween wolf writing in his diary.

Tween wolf (Anthony) is angrily walking into his room while arguing with his mother (Ian), who he tells that he's too old for her to tell him what to do anymore before slamming the door. He then writes in his diary the following passage: "Dear diary: Mood: Apathetic. Wolf Hair: Still growing in". He then sings "Wake me up, when I'm a teen wolf".

The Blacklist/The Blacklisp


A black man (Keith) mispronounces Mississippi as "Mithithippi".

Shark Tank/Shart Tank

The businessman farting in front of the sharks.

A businessman (Ian) goes before the sharks, and thanks them for taking the time to see him. After being told to give them his best shot, he nervously accepts, then lets out a deep fart. A squishing noise is heard as he puts his hand on his butt and says "Oh god". Barbara Corcoran opts out, Kevin O'Leary (Anthony) opts out after deeming the businessman's target audience being everyone unrealistic, and Robert Herjavec agrees to give the businessman $100,000 in exchange for a 40% share of his shart. The businessman is overjoyed.

Scream Queens/Scream Queefs

A woman showing a scream coming from her legs.

A woman (Olivia) is sitting on a stool in front of the sharks, who tell her to give them her best shot. She agrees, and spreads open her legs, which let out a loud, panicked scream. After she closes her legs, Robert immediately agrees to a $100,000 deal.

Gotham/Go Ham

Metrosexual hipster releases ham.

Ash Ketchum (Anthony) starts a Pokemon battle by releasing his Pikachu. His opponent, Metrosexual Hipster (Ian) yells out "Go Ham!" and throws a whole smoked ham on the ground, making a loud thud. A confused Ash says "What the fu--" before getting cut off by the fade to black.