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June 17, 2016

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One Letter Off Superheroes is a Smosh main channel video that is part of a series of videos that slightly alters names of popular movies, shows and characters. It is the first video in the One Letter Off series.


The Superheroes we know and love are slightly different with one letter off...

Extended Plot

Each segment shows the superheroes abilities when one letter has been changed to their names:

Ant Man: Can't Man

Can't Man is attempting to solve a Rubik's Cube, then he announces that he can't do it.

X-Men: Ex-Men

Jean Grey announces she is done and never wants to see Wolverine again, and retires while walking past Cyclops and Gambit, who were also retired.

The Flash: The Flesh

The scene shows a naked man, who doesn't seem to mind being seen like that.

Human Torch: Human Porch

Two men are shown standing on a guy, as if he was a porch.

Star-Lord: Stare-Lord

A man and a woman are shown talking in a kitchen, and Stare-Lord (Lasercorn) cuts in, staring at the camera. The man then tells Stare-Lord to get out.

Wonder Woman: Wander Woman

Wander Woman wanders around aimlessly, and eventually looks at a map, thinking she was reading it upside-down.

Spiderman: Sliderman

Someone in a red morphsuit tries to slide on a water slide.

Hulk: Bulk

A nerdy man puts a giant stack of toilet paper (presumably from Costco) into his car. He then does a superhero stance and says, "SAVINGS".

Superman: Supermean

An alternate scene in Batman Vs. Superman where Batman says, "Tell me, do you bleed?" and Supermean says, "That's...what I asked your mom last night! OHOHO!" An airhorn is heard and Batman then yells, "YOU'RE SUPERMEAN!"

Iron Man: Ironyman

Tony Stark is having a meeting with a doctor. The doctor says Tony has an iron deficiency. Tony asks if it was ironic. Tony winks as an audience laughs and the doctor says, "What?"

Captain Planet: Captain Plan It

Captain Plan It helps an engaged couple plan their big wedding, but he takes creative control and plans everything in the way that the couple doesn't want him to (such as making natural yellow the color of their bride's maid dressing and making a friend of theirs with halitosis as their bridesmaid).

Deadpool: Deadpoop

The screen just shows the name, Deadpool, and the "l" immediately turns into a "p", as it is declared the "Best Joke Ever".

Batman: Brätman

Some guy complains about somebody calling Bratman, who suddenly appears (he's wearing a Batman costume with lederhosen and has a thick Austrian accent) and corrects the pronunciation as "Brätman". After the title name changes with the accented "ä", the guy points out that in America, they don't use the accent. But before he can finish explaining, Brätman throws a link of Bratwurst at him as he falls down. The segment and video end with Brätman declaring "I'm Brätman!" as the "Brätman" logo appears and the theme song is heard.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Noah Grossman

Brittni Barger


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